Man performs drums unusually well with a keyboard

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And then there’s Future Man on the drummitar:


Was just about to post that when you ninja’d me…


The huge irony is that Creative Labs (in an age where “Soundcards” are now just built onto the board), would be WAY more relevant now if they hadn’t sent loads of C+D Letters to people writing unofficial updated drivers for older unsupported hardware that they made.



Heh. I swore off Creative forever after they didn’t bother to write Windows 7 drivers for the E-MU 0404 USB audio interface. That kept my one Windows desktop on XP for far too long. Then one day, the thing just quit working (good old capacitor plague, as it turned out). A FireWire-based interface from Focusrite replaced it, but it’s pretty much not being used anymore, since a lot of newer motherboards have surprisingly good audio sections.

Honestly hard to find a creative rationale these days for external sound cards unless you need XLR, and even then, do you really?

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I have a few phantom-powered XLR microphones, so I do have a use case, but even then it’s kind of overkill, since I also have an old Olympus LS-10 and an external microphone preamp which I usually end up using for recording.

If I ever need to record four tracks at once, the Focusrite will do nicely, with two mics on the internal preamp and two more going through the external.

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Looks cool, sounds sloppy.

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Not a keyboard, but I love this guy a lot more…

That remix was unnecessary, the original was more the wild enough already!

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