Man runs as GOP candidate for U.S. Senate. His parents donated the maximum to the Democratic incumbent


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This guy is kind of an odd candidate.

His ‘big lifechanging issues’ seem to be… well that we didn’t all clap hard enough for the Iraq war and maybe the debt.

So he’s like a republican from 2009. Still loving the war everybody else hates by now (Trump threw it right under the bus), and still pretending to care about the debt as if a Democrat were president.


Well, it’s going in the wrong direction in this case, but it’s nice to see that upbringing isn’t destiny.


Well… not always.



Normally parents in this awkward position would just step entirely away from donating or voting. This is a signal that they know something about their son the rest of us don’t.


He’s hoping for some of that Kochite money…


Even a mother’s love has limits. Though the vast majority of people never find them.


There are still a lot of people who believe the Republican party represents good, moral white people, and the Democratic party represents the dirty fucking hippies. I can only assume they haven’t watched the news in 40-50 years.


This reminds me of that time during the 2016 primaries when Jeb Bush had to work to earn the reluctant endorsement of his own mother.


I can guarantee you they have, and I know which channel it is, too.


So the boondoggle known as the Iraq war, a war of convenience based on GOP lies to the American citizens and the rest of the world, changed him from a Democrat to a repugnantcan? He must have really swallowed the koolaid while over there. This guys is all sorts of fucked up. Good for his parents.


Alex Keaton is a jerk.


He sure is.


At least having parents who support the other candidate has forced him to be civil. His parents, in supporting the other candidate, just have a “different worldview” than he does and are simply voting for the candidate that shares their perspective.

As opposed to what we see so often in politics these days, where anyone who supports the opposite party is a ratfaced traitor who hates American values and wipes their ass with the Constitution.


Am I correct? Have we finally found a situation where money actually is speech?


Welp, no one is accusing any of today’s crop of Republicans of being sane.


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