Man runs on field to propose to girlfriend at Dodger Stadium but aggressive security isn't feeling the love (video)

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Well, she learned really quickly who he is.


Just as well, he is white. Getting sniped in the head could have really put a dent in his romance.


I’ve never understood the desire to publicly perform a marriage proposal. It’s almost like the proposal is all about the proposer getting attention and not about love and all that mushy stuff.


Doesn’t anyone get engaged the old fashioned way. A high school senior asks his already graduated girlfriend to get married with an engagement ring bought at an auto parts store and then walks down the church aisle 3 weeks after the pregnancy test comes back positive leaving all the guests to speculate?

I really don’t get these attempts at viral videos for everything. Engagements and gender reveals are the worse offenders followed by first dances at the wedding.

He could have just rented the scoreboard like normal people.


“Marry you? Ugh, NO, why would I marry someone with such obviously poor judgement?”


The Secret Service didn’t quite know what to do, security wise, with Mr Met when Bill Clinton was at a game for the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s first game with MLB.

So they told him they would kill him if he got too close.


Oh, that was harsh.

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If you want recognition of love then you should skip the baseball game and run out onto a tennis court before either player scores a point.


I do!

Come on, we all know that 9 out of 10 romcom partners end up splitting up; even when one of them is Paul Bettany.

I mean, he’s no David Thewlis; but… phwarrrrr

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The guy is an idiot, but the full speed running body slam seemed a bit much. I think he could have just as easily been escorted off the field and maybe given a season long ban. Knowing…people…I can see where some other drunk idiot in a few games jumps down there just to get body checked and in a viral video.


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They were so happy for him, they gave him the flying hug.


This right here.

He did a stupid, selfish thing, and inserted himself into the evening of thousands of people who definitely weren’t there to see him.

That doesn’t warrant potentially seriously injuring him. I mean, he’s already on his knees - grab him, hustle him off the field, and (as you said) ban the hell out of him.

These guys aren’t cops; but that was a very coplike unnecessary use of overwhelming force.


I guess he was lucky he wasn’t at a hockey match. I hear that being tackled by a Zamboni can really leave a mark.

Or a smear. Depending on how it goes.


I know it seems harsh, but after Monica Seles was stabbed during a tennis match (to show his love for Steffi Graf :worried:), I think security people are paid to take no chances.


It looks like one of them grabbed the ring box off the field. I hope he got it back.

Same page with the policy. Also as someone mentioned renting the scoreboard - maybe the Dodger org could put more effort into monetizing these (which, I dunno, could get very old very quickly for fans too - I just mean, this points out a potential biz opportunity).

Not sure they had to remove his spine though.