Man runs on field to propose to girlfriend at Dodger Stadium but aggressive security isn't feeling the love (video)

In Detroit you just go to their website and set it up. They tell you which innings are available and you pick. They have a limited number per game so it doesn’t get old.

I’ve done it twice, once for my niece and my daughter’s birthday when they were adults. You can even pay for a visit from the mascot with autographed balls.

That was cool when the mascot showed up with signed balls. That could easily be an engagement ring and avoid getting tackled and arrested.

The other time our daughter had her bachelorette party at a ballgame, I paid for a message from her wedding party and arranged it but they picked the message.

It’s pretty cool.


Yeah… I have such very different reaction to these sweet birthday messages versus proposing this way. Maybe I’m weird for seeing this as a private moment. Are propos-ees now -expecting- it to be done like this? I’m curious re longevity stats for marriages with private vs. public and low key vs. over the top proposals.


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