Man sells machine to make your wishes come true


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Is this a scam? No.


Have we learned nothing from Twin-Tube Wishing Machines?

[John Brunner’s] Galactic Consumer Reports 2: Automatic twin-tube wishing machine, states that the machines are “twin tube” because the inventor of the machine got killed by a creature it created, so they had to develop a second tube that would moderate the wishes. The story contains many examples of the second tube not quite working as needed, but it’s still better than the sometimes sold cheaper one tube machines… apparently, one world is quarantined because a five year old child who wasn’t given ice cream got angry, so he used such a machine to create an army of Killer Robots and take over the planet.

Originally published in Galaxy Magazine, June 1966.


I’m not falling for that scam again. The machine down in the lobby promised to grant my wish for 100 Grand but then this happened:


Clearly, no expense was spared (on hot-glue sticks)


I bet pretty soon there will be people wishing that machine had never been built.


My wishing machine goes to 11.


I’m still waiting for all my wildest dreams to come true


wow… after a night of gambling, he got to pose with the $1M on display at the casino?!? lucky bastard…

edit: sorry, not lucky… he had his Wishing Machine


You’ve got my vote!


Ok, new Boing Boing game thread…what’s your wish??


Reminds me of when I went into this weird shop to look at swords on the wall, and some lady was buying rocks and crystals for a bunch of shit. I left with my friend and was, “I guess I should stop taking pain pills and get me some magic rocks.”


I could buy ten of Lisa’s tiger-repelling rocks for the cost of that thing! Simply robbery.


This way to the Egress.


This has got to be some kind of tie-in with Exoptable Money


Sounds like someone’s been rubbing their stick plate too much.


That video is a masterclass in vaguely unsettling camera work, and incredibly careful scriptwriting which suggests a lot whilst carefully maintaining a veneer of plausible deniability (“I don’t know how it works”, “I think it works by focussing your mind on what you are wishing for”).


So basically The Secret in knob-and-plywood-form.


Have you played Corrupt-a-Wish?


FWIW this guy has an IMDB page.