Man sentenced after filming self driving car from passenger seat


I’m sad that the car wasn’t self-driving as I originally thought.


That’s exactly how I parsed the title, too!



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I had also wondered where the problem might be when the car was doing all the work.


It didn’t even occur to me to parse the title that way. But I missed the “from passenger seat” in the title originally, so I wasn’t sure why this was such a serious issue as I started watching the video. Imagine my surprise!

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In Arkansas, that’s how they deliver the mail.


Yep, stupid. Portrait video? What was he thinking?

Looks to me like he’s sitting in the right seat, anyway. The problem is some fool put the steering wheel on the wrong side.


Yes – I thought the point was that he was testing the car and that the laws in his state didn’t accept self-driving cars as street legal yet (only Nevada, Florida, and California currently allow them on public roads).


Ugh! Vertical video!

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Man sentenced after filming himself driving car from passenger seat


So tempted to fix it…

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I’ve seen this on rural routes in Oklahoma as well, where some mail is still delivered by contract carriers. It’s disconcerting to pass them going the other direction.

I reassure myself by imagining that they are driving cars that have an additional brake pedal installed on the passenger side, per driver training vehicle conventions.

My imagination may have no basis in fact, but please don’t remind me of that :stuck_out_tongue:

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And for the time being they are only legal in those states under specific testing conditions, so even then there needs to be someone in the driver’s seat to take over in case something goes wrong. (Presumably this is a rule that will eventually change when everyone is satisfied that the technology is ready to go mainstream, otherwise there wouldn’t be much point in having self-driving cars in the first place.)

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