Man shows gorilla photos to gorilla at zoo


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What kind of pervert has pictures of naked gorillas on his phone?


Gorillas like boobs too…


This would have been infinitely better if the guy was showing pictures of Donald Trump to an orangutan …


That’s rather unfair. How many orangutans have either gone bankrupt or insulted Mexicans?


The gorilla was just being polite



“Body is invalid; try to be a bit more descriptive.”


(WIll that do?)


That is an insult to the intelligence of orangutans.


I noticed how he kept looking over at the kid, silently pleading ‘can you get him out of here please.’


Gorilndr™ users.

(Who are these assholes taking flash photos at a zoo, and what zoo allows that?)


I know right, here let me show you these artistic prints of gorillas in speedos I have.


Some great apes really like it when you show them a hand mirror as well. Flashy LED toys can be fun, and once an orangutan gestured/asked to see a comb being used. It’s not so much that they’re surprisingly smart, it’s that they’re a lot more like us than we like to admit.


I would expect male gorillas to be turned off by big boobs. Unlike humans, gorilla boobs only get big when the bearer is pregnant.




Between that and the surprisingly small penises, it’s no wonder they look so grumpy all the time.


My chemistry teacher, who was stationed in Borneo in his army days, told us there’s a legend Orangs can actually talk, but they won’t talk to us, because we’ll give them jobs and make them wear pants and so forth.


[quote=“anansi133, post:12, topic:65230”]Some great apes really like it when you show them a hand mirror as well.

Spiders like mirrors, too. Hey, there’s a spider! Hi spider! Hi! Hi!


Isn’t that cruelty to animals?!?

That was my thought except Gorinder…he was like swipe left, swipe right, swipe right…


Ok, be honest. Swipe left or right?


damn i wish i photographed that well! some people are just naturals in front of the camera.