Man shows gorilla photos to gorilla at zoo

Are you not entertained?

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At least one.

“Give” them jobs… before we could bestow such a gift on them, we’d have to take away their ability to meet their life needs unassisted. Like we did everywhere else…


Yeah, what I should have said is, ‘Force them to work’.

We’re working on that.


I watch nature shows with my parrot, and he loves it. He is most interested in the parts about birds.


Hey, at least spokesape is better than organ-grinder ape… Or worse organ-donor ape…

Hm. And my cat loved LOTR: The Two Towers for the bit where the orcs attack on the giant cat things (wargs?). She was notorious for ignoring the TV – yes, even during cat food commercials – so it was interesting to watch her get so absorbed in the action.

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They are observing our technology, how we use it . . . and they are waiting . . .


Any videos of you both watching together?

I can’t be the only one who looked at that and thought, “damn, we’re pretty much only separated from the gorillas by smart phones.” I mean, look at that guy’s outthrust lower jaw and I swear the similarity was striking.

Maybe we’re only separated by dentistry?

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I thought you were going to say we’re only separated by a thick plexiglass window…


Separated by Gorilla Glass™?


We shouldn’t keep our cousins in cages. End of.

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At the risk of ruining the joke, it probably thinks it’s another spider and is being threatening.

Yeah, it’s presumptuous to claim he was interested in the photos, he could have just been envious of the phone.

I thought flash photography was prohibited in places like these? Who are those idiots?

Gorilla is thinking, ‘damn captivity… all I’ve got is this old flip-phone…’

I have a great Idea, let’s keep intelligent animals like this one in plexiglass boxes.

How cruel