Man stuck in baby chair




It seemed like he would have made it out when he went horizontal and had someone pulling on the chair if someone had pulled on him at the same time.


Whadayamean “poor decision making”?

It was good decision making, IF you want a viral video.


Yeah, they dont seem all that intent on getting him out of his predicament. I wonder why?


Here’s the lesson I learned from that video; if you’re ever in a compromised position such as this and your drinking buddies recommend that taking your pants off will make the situation better, they most certainly do not have your best interests at heart.



The only poor decision I see is the from the twat who doesn’t know how to hold a camera.


You have to unbuckle the safety belt, otherwise those things are pretty impossible to get out of.


That’s a child’s chair, but where is the child? Why won’t someone think of the children?


There are some fetishes I will simply never understand.


He later died from lack of blood-flow to the buttocks.



Manchild, will you ever win?
Manchild, look at the state you’re in.


I hate videos of people doing dumb things so we can laugh at them like all the “fail” videos you see on youtube. I just don’t get the humor in seeing people make mistakes small and large for whatever reason.

That said, I laughed my ass off at this video and then laughed twice a hard at waetherman’s comment about it.


The real questions seem to be why and in particular how this occurred.


Because beer?

Most likely scenario is that all the chairs at the table/bar were being used; guy shows up and to be funny he grabs the nearby high-chair (or since he is the “little guy” of the group, somebody grabs the high-chair and gives it to him to use)


It might be a factor. :slight_smile:

And not for the first time am I glad that the vast bulk of my beer-powered creative stupidity happened before everyone carried videocams.


Ya, the stories are bad enough – especially since the embellishments grow each year…


It’s how myths and legends are formed. :smiley:


That happens more often than people think. Playgrounds attract drunks late at night. Here’s a guy getting rescued from a baby swing in Britain. Apparently it happens to moose, too.