Man sues Satan for ruining his life


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Help! I need this dress!

Now we know the ACTUAL subliminal lyrics exposed by back-masking “Stairway To Heaven”


Satan “and his staff.”

Boy, that takes in some territory in an USA General Election year.


Jebus, you make his last name the same as the short form for mayonnaise and Gerald gets all litigious. Get a sense of humor!


Was “staff” here meant to indicate those who are employed by Satan or a long stick or scepter carried by Satan. Usually one can tell which meaning to read using context but here it could honestly go either way.



when your house is falling down, do you blame the decorator or the architect? just sayin…


A third possibility is it was a metaphor but I won’t say any more.


Yeah, as class actions go, this is a big one—Satan’s had a lot of customers over the years.

And no recalls, as of yet.


This is ridiculous - he should be suing God, as this is totally his bailiwick, not Satan’s. I don’t know that the case precedent of Job v. God would have been much help to him, though.


And Job spake in misery, crying,
O! Lord my God,
Let me speak to your Manager.



Phew! I feel like we dodged a bullet there.


In other words, if you want to serve Satan with this lawsuit, you’ll have to do it yourself.

In other other words, go to Hell.


That sounds simple enough, but which one?

Even in the United States there are a couple of options.


I’m thinking that the wording is more than coincidental.:smiling_imp:


I am guessing by “staff” he meant “unpaid interns” as Hell would be run with them…no point in suing them in that case…


Plus ça change.


That reminds me of the old saying, “Christ died for our sins. Dare we make it an empty gesture by not committing them?”

Overturning his death sentence would have the same effect. “Christ died for a bureaucratic error.”


This lawsuit never stood a chance. Everyone knows Satan has all the best lawyers.