Man threatens Little Caesars workers with an AK-47 in a dispute over pizza cook-times

Not that I condone, uh, second amendment solutions, but they advertise as hot and ready, yet never make enough to keep in the warmer thing to meet the demand.

Although ten minutes is reasonable, imo.

For mine, when they’re busy, there’s a backlog and it’s more like 30-45.

Don’t expect to just pick up pay and leave during prime time, but when you want or need to grab something quickly it’s always a crapshoot. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t.

…and conservatives wonder why people aren’t rushing to apply for fast food work anymore…


Finally, the first amendment is revealed for what it is, an elitist privilege wielded by those with the means and eduction to properly exploit it. “Real” people use guns to argue, and it’s high time that all of the first amendment specific arguments be extended to be more inclusive of second amendment rights.

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Sadly, fixed that for you.

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Two reasons why I get my pizza from my local Whole Foods Market: Not only do they actually make a better than halfway decent NY style (otherwise nonexistent in my neck of the woods), their ambience and environmental causes don’t tend to attract yahoos like Doty. (Thumbs down on their anti-union stance.)

Not Sicily, Naples… confusing the two will get you insulted, at best.


An armed society is a dangerous society.

IIRC, a lot of cities in the Wild West era of America had far tighter gun laws than in the present, exactly because they knew what kind of violent havoc would result when everyone had a gun.


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