Man throws parrot at police




Police ordered Santana to spot and he responded by throwing a parrot

Well, give a nonsensical order, get a parrot in your face. Seems fair.


C’mon throwing an angry (at least feisty) bird at a civil servant that is often compared to a certain bacon producing critter – Angry Birds IRL.



wtf “body is invalid” message


Capped teeth and a fair amount of makeup would give that man a career as a Barack Obama impersonator.


Do we know at what distance the parrot was thrown? Seems like it would be an easy dodge unless it was done at point blank range or something.


This is like a Victor Hugo novel.


My first question was: is the parrot dead?


At least he didn’t flip them the bird.


Well, if it had been nailed to a stick when it was thrown he would probably have been charged with battery rather than assault.


Not so much dead as resting.


Nah, the Norwegian Blue just stuns easily.


@timquinn it was almost dead.

@earnestinebrown This dude better be prepared to do 19 years, then.


Just before the incident the cop said: “You are under arrest. There is no way you are going to be able to talk your way out of this.”


The Waterbury P.D. showed marvelous restraint. In some jurisdictions, the bird would have been maced, beaten into submission, then charged as an accomplice.


When I read he had hit a cop in the finger, I figured they shot him for it.


He’s pining for the fjords.


Ah, but once launched parrots are self-propelled and guided by avian intelligence.


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