Man tries to board New York subway carrying large dog in tiny brown sack but it's a no go


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giant-jansport-backpack-thumb every silly problem has a silly solution.


So he just hopped on the next train?


Did he buy this backpack at the same store where Ajit Pai bought his mug?


Yea, why was he boarding right in the driver’s face? Two cars back, nobody would have noticed him.


Agreed, what a dumbass.


I’m not sure how he managed to support such a large dog with such a tiny shoulder strap. Now maybe on a smaller dog…

(I have no idea if that’s a real thing, I just wanted to post the pic. :slight_smile: )


a “gentleman” if ever there was one




Fun Fact: it’s not that Ajit Pai’s coffee mug is large, it’s that his brainpan is small.


Um, I live in South OC Ca. I can absofuckinglutely guarantee you that this is a real thing. We have a “high-end” mall near me (read “has an armani shop, etc…”) that allows dogs, and the sheer number of accessory purse dogs is ridiculous (GirlChild and I go there because it has a merry go round).

Fyi: These things also come in delightful designer versions (gucci etc…) if conspicuous consumption is your sort of thing.


I’m gonna take a guess that the whole reason for the carrier rule is of keep dogs from biting or heeding the call of nature in the trains. I’m not sure that harness with a shoulder strap contraption would do much for either of those scenarios. To be fair, the dog looks insanely sedate and well behaved but you could say the same of many dogs walking on a leash and rules are rules.


maybe he was late for the train, coming from the direction of the driver, so he tried to get in there but didn’t so then he went back a couple cars for the next one a couple back.

or maybe the dog actually has a problem, and he was actually carrying it for some reason. I mean I didn’t see enough to know if that was the case and so he wasn’t doing it to be sneaky, and not approaching it with a sneaky mindset - seems like a longshot of course.

or maybe he has gotten let on before and nobody has complained, maybe it’s like hereabouts where it’s not allowed to bring coffee on the bus but nobody says anything about it and then I had three drivers in three days that wouldn’t let me on the bus for carrying one. In which case I’d think that driver was an over-officious jerk.

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I agree that the guy might have good intentions, but I can guess at the reason for the rule. With so many people crammed into a car, and all the noise and jostling around, it’s safer to have a dog in a carrier to avoid any incidents that might happen.

(Not to mention the person who insists that they just have to pet the puppy, with or without the owner’s permission… I had that happen once when I was walking my Danny on a leash. He was generally very well-behaved, but some idiot tried to dart forward and pet him, even as I was telling him no. With some stranger making a fast move at him, Danny growled and snapped. Nothing more happened, because I was quicker… yet if the guy had gotten bit, Danny would have been blamed, or worse. So the rule protects the animals as well as the humans.)


I’m wondering if there is such a thing as a dog-jazzel; where you get your purse dog shaved and encrusted in faux-gems? I really wouldn’t be surprised.


Maybe it’s because some accident just happened and drivers were instructed to be more strict on rules.

Here happened with people on wheelchair. Buses are street legal if there’s only one wheelchair, facing forward and strapped with the safety belt, but you could actually have one extra space with a wheelchair facing backward. Nobody complained until one sad day the driver had to swerve abruptly to avoid a car and one guy in the extra wheelchair died because the wheelchair tipped and he knocked the head on the bus door. So the bus company ordered the driver to be strict. People on wheelchair started to be angry because they had to wait more and forced to be strapped.


That tiny brown sack looks really uncomfortable for the dog.

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yikes. I’m glad you were fast enough.
things like that are why we are really careful about teaching our toddler how to approach dogs. Even well behaved and usually friendly dogs can be freaked out. Especially by a rampaging shrieking toddler.
Approach human and dog slowly, be quiet, ask first, approach dog slowly, no eye contact, offer loosely curled fist for sniff, pet to the side, never reach over a dog’s head, pay attention to how the dog is feeling.
I’ve had a few people we’ve met think it’s weird, how we demonstrate with verbal narration and then instruct her step by step- but we don’t have dogs at our house. How else is she gonna learn? I do appreciate the dog-owned-humans who are patient enough to let us do it.
I feel sorry for the dog in the photo. She looks uncomfortable :frowning:


Man, I bet that cord really bites in to your shoulder. He should make a strap.

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