Man tweets that his dad's new donut shop has no customers, response is overwhelmimg


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I know you’d like us to think Twitter is good for something, but it’s not going to work.


Cambodian donut shops are still strong in Texas. So glad to see an immigrant get a taste of the American dream.


I read about this on the news yesterday and it’s a very sweet story, definitely have noticed that immigrant families are usually the owners and operators of little bakeries and donut shops… at least here in TX… and seeing this happen definitely makes me so happy. Social media (particularly Twitter) is often not the best but when things like this happens it does give me hope.

I wish this family success for their business, and i’m so thankful for their community for stepping up to support them :smiley:


Someone read about “Guerrilla Marketing”


Oh man. I’ve been missing Texas-style kolaches since I moved to a different state. Almost worth the trip. :slight_smile:


I can see why Twitter themselves are on hand to cash in on the goodwill of the story, but the business is independent and local and i’m happy they’re making money. They deserve it.


Been a couple of years since I left Texas. Kolaches is one thing I miss.


I read a while back that Cambodian donut shops are A Thing:


I hate Twitter, but love the donut.


Very cool story.

My favorite kolache shop in my area is the Kolache Bakery in League City, Texas. They are family owned and operated and serve traditional Czech style fruit filled kolaches as well as more modern savory kolaches with sausage, cheese, jalapeno, etc. The poppy seed filled kolaches are amazing!


Yeah, I don’t fault this guy, and I want to see small businesses grow, but the story implies he just opened the shop when apparently it’s been around for several years, and is maybe involved in some kind of donut war with another shop down the street (I see there was also a Dunkin’s in the area that closed down-- perhaps Missouri City has reached “peak donut.”)


i thought it was an ice cream shop…



You think that’s a gorilla? Now let me show you a really sweet gorilla. Yes, come right this way. Now here’s a fine gorilla. Almost new. Just a few thousand miles on it. Previous owner was a little old lady in Pasadena. That’s right, a librarian. Drove it to church and back each Sunday. Her son washed it for her every week. Now my manager doesn’t know I’m doing this, but we’ve got to move it… so today only I’ll let you have it for…


My kind of cross fire.



Ditto. I’d seen the headline before without much reaction, but as soon as I read this and hit “kolache,” my mouth started watering.


It’s about time Twitter did something useful for someone in a good sense.

This is something that makes me very happy to hear, I can’t believe anyone ever had a problem selling Donuts it always seemed like a perfect business model because, well, donuts man.

In Pennsylvania we have Amish Donuts and one of them is the size of your head. Soooooo gooood.

If Texas ever legalizes weed this guy needs to start a branch right next to a dispensary. If this hasn’t been done anywhere yet somebody is missing a fortune easily had


Personally i don’t get the dedicated donut shops. I get why people like them but i’m more fond of bakeries, because there’s so many other great baked goods out there. Also fresh bread is the bomb.