Man waits 18 hours for delayed flight, ends up having a blast as the only passenger on entire plane (video)

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“Normally we never allow passengers to do this, but since you’re the only one on board would you like to sit in the cockpit and try a barrel roll?”


Did he get to have First Class treatment when it came to amenities, though? Did he get sparkling wine with his done-done steak (shout out to Whoopi)?

I remember one trip to Bucharest when I flew with my late cat Jasmine, and the plane had only a few passengers. We all got rows to ourselves, and the stewardesses allowed Jasmine to sit in my lap outside the carrier because nobody on board had any issue with it – and she was such a well-behaved cat who stayed in her seat even when I went to the bathroom.


Coincidentally 18 hours is approximately the same amount of time it would take to just drive there.


Yeah, but you’re doing your own driving and no opportunity to legally take a nap while you’re moving?


On the plus side you get to skip the security line that way. Plus there’s bound to be some tacky oversized fiberglass roadside attractions here and there.


I think it also depends on what your travel goals are. Are you in a hurry to get somewhere important, or are you simply traveling?

Then there’s the fuel consumption and pollution difference – and he was the only passenger flying. :grimacing:


Just one more loud as fk missile buzzing someone’s home. :man_shrugging:


this is the right attitude to have whenever flying anywhere, regardless of how many other passengers there are.


This. I figure any airport trip is going to cost 2 or 3 hours of my life. Time spent in an airport is time I should be spending in hell only after I’m dead. Even if the plane departs on time, I don’t want to be there. Last time we were stuck we were told there’d be a minimum of a two day delay before they could get us home. So we rented a car and road tripped the 1500 miles, getting home the day before the airlines were promising flights. Got to see almost nothing of the country as it sped by the windows, and the only stop was a few hours overnight at a hotel that looked like the set of a movie (think Hitchcock, not Hepburn.) But our souls were intact when we got home, and that was what was important to us.


Yeah, I’m glad that I’m not one of those people who turns in to a screaming arsehole aboard planes. However, having watched too many MentourPilot videos, I may never fly again. :grimacing::smile:


My wife and I flew to Hawaii from SFO once and for whatever reason there were only like 20-30 people on an entire 767. (Alas, there was one paying passenger in 1st Class, otherwise they would have let us migrate up there). Best part was the FAs had so little to do they ended up playing with our 18-month old son for like an hour and a half, playing hide-and-seek and walking around and what not. Best plane ride ever.


This happened to my Mum about 25 years back.
Both parents were living in Ibiza at the time.
Mum caught a flight home by herself sometime in February, only person on board.

“Another cup of tea, Missus?”
“Oh, please god, no, I’ve had six already. But thank you.”

Flight is just over two hours to the UK.


Scored a premium economy seat to Vegas on the way to a tradeshow in 2017, this was my view of the business cabin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::

Few years before that I was returning from Stockholm to London on a late flight. the plane was way bigger than I expected - I think a 787 - and many of the disembarking passengers were in shorts and loud shirts (my fave!) despite the cold weather. Suspect it had come in from a resort spot.
Anyway, I ended up in business, but the premium economy cabin behind me was completely empty - so I asked if I could have it all to myself? :grin: The BA crew were great, kept coming in from biz to chat and bring me champagne, then I got all rock’n’roll and smashed my champagne glass (accidentally I might add…). Great fun.


My youngest brother who is 6 foot 6 or so would have loved that leg room.


I once flew home from Japan where I got a whole four-seat economy row to myself (so I could lie down and sleep most of the way), and then was allowed to visit the flight deck (pre-2001, obv), and the pilot casually asked the First Officer to get me strapped into a jumpseat while they LANDED THE PLANE. So. Awesome.

These days, I’m largely grateful if there’s still a choice of entrées when the meal cart turns up, and there’s nobody kicking my seat.


With a stopover in Nashville!


He said he ended up making friends with the plane’s crew during his flight.

Ok, his experience sounds much better than any movie version of the scenario with very few (or no) other passengers on a flight. Those trips don’t tend to end well:


American might have had to make the flight anyway to reposition the equipment and possibly the crew members, though. (Not saying that this was the case but it seems eminently possible.)


My sister had nearly that experience in a 747.