Man wakes colleague in the middle of the night to tell him he won the Nobel Prize

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I have always wondered what the reactions of people are when they find this out because I consider this one of the highest honors one can earn in life.

Good for him!

Edit- didn’t realize this wasn’t one of the original Nobel Prizes. Still an honor, but not as much.

@realdonaldtrump- guess what! THIS WASNT YOU, asshole!


Man wakes colleague in the middle of the night to tell him he won the “Nobel Prize”

FTFY. It is the “Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel,” and not one of the original Nobel Prizes. Cynically, it’s a prize created to help economists feel better about a “science” that generally does not employ the scientific method, cannot usually replicate results, and is mostly unable to make predictions about future events based on past observation.

But, it’s a nice prize, as they go.

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Just because the corporate news cycle demands to be fed at 02:00,
does not mean that this human being is obliged to answer his phone.


From the headline, I thought it was the prize winner banging on his neighbor’s door in the middle of the night to brag. Which I heartily encourage all Nobel winners to do. You’ve earned it! If it’s daytime when you find out, wait until the next night.


Friend of friend got an early morning phone call to tell him he won (few decades ago). Problem was he had the same name and university affiliation as the Nobel prize winner but was not the The Nobel prize winner.


There was a butcher shop - “Hannibal’s You Bag 'em, We Hack 'em Butcher, Taxidermy, and Mortuary Shop”

There in the refrigerated case were a all kinds of human meat products.
There was Philosopher’s Brain for $4 a pound;
Artist’s Brain for $5 a pound;
Engineer’s Brain for $7 a pound;
Mathematician’s Brain for $10 a pound;
and even the brain of a Noble-prize- winning Physicist, for $15 a pound!
And far over in the corner there was Economists’ Brain for $20 a pound!

This reminded the student of his wise econ. professor, who had encouraged him to begin this journey. Now, he knew what he wanted to study! ECONOMICS!

He said to the butcher, " I see you must really value Economists here, at $20 a pound people must really like them!"

“No, no, no,” said the butcher, “It’s just that you have kill so damn many of them just to get one pound…”


Man, why are you so bitter about it? Did you get snubbed for one?

It’s awarded by the same foundation at the same awards ceremony. It’s not one of the original Nobel prizes, but it is a Nobel prize all the same.

Chemistry and Physics are just messy, backwards applications of mathematics; they aren’t real sciences either. Why would you try to do computations by actually fussing about with matter. Gross. And biology and medicine is just applied chemistry where the reaction has an opinion about things. Super gross.

Economics is a far more pure derivation of mathematics than physics or chemistry is; there is none of that icky “matter” that you have to deal with. So is computer science. The problem is people who are too used to the observational, physical sciences have problems understanding the theoretical sciences, especially the applied theoretical sciences.


I feel for this guy. This sort of busybody interference by friends and neighbors is just exasperating. It’s all the time just:

Knock Knock, “you’ve won a prize”
knock knock, “your roof is on fire”
ding dong, “give me back my cat”
pound pound pound, "who are you and what are you doing in my house and why have you changed the locks?

With all this interruption, I’m never going to make it through my Netflix backlog.


I like that on infrared, the mezuzah is shining like it’s out of Raiders of the Lost Ark.


They could pick up an additional Darwin Award as well. :sunglasses:


Actually it was because not everybody lives in a US time zone and the prize-givers are in Europe and make announcements to suit themselves, not to suit the time zones of wherever whoever the winners might be.


WTF? Economics is NOTHING but dealing with the actions and consequences of icky matter - i.e. humans. The economy does not exist or function outside of human activity.


There was a lot of sarcasm in there…

(But money and the economy is a fairly major component of our culture. A good chunk of the wars of the 20th century were fought between adherents of different economic theories. Studying it is a pretty good idea…)

Apologies - did not detect any implicit /s tag in the last paragraph.


Oddly enough, it was that as well! They both won the prize.


Brings back good memories of singing this to my advisees.


Real Nobel prizes: $0.94M (in 2020)
The economics one: $1.13M (in 2020)
It seems that the Alfred Noble prize doesn’t come with money.

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