Man wakes colleague in the middle of the night to tell him he won the Nobel Prize

“I’m Ed McMahan and you’ve just won the Nobel Prize!”

You’ve got it just about right, except that mathematics is just a tool to describe the fundamental: Economics. Which is why it’s not even a Nobel prize, it is even more fundamental than that!

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knock knock, “your little green cactus has fallen on my head”


There isn’t a Nobel Prize for Mathematics, about the closest equivalent is the Fields medal.

Maybe that should have been corrected before a prize for economics was approved.


Doesn’t mean they had to wake him up. He was still going to be the prize-winner in the morning. (Unless there’s some arcane rule that says the prize has to be accepted in N hours, otherwise it goes to the runner-up?)

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Not the chunk of economics represented by a lot of the prizes. This auction work is heavily dependent on the phychology of auction participants. Last year’s was all about controlling trials in development research, again pretty far from pure math. Nudge, moral hazard, the whole matter of Austrian business cycle theories are all far removed from pure math. Economics is a social science that clothes itself in a math wrapper.

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the very existence of the “Prize” illustrates that rich people can use their money to rewrite history

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