Man who flew hot dog to his hot tub faces fine, but isn't this just an ad?


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There’s an interesting ethical question for you: if something viral is newsworthy…

…then it’s not called viral. It’s called news.


But surely something can be both viral and news, and what we (the BBC, me, etc) should be doing is avoiding posting something that is both until we learn whether or not the viral aspect was “juiced,” so we can be smarter about how we present the context. And not be vulnerable to knowledge gap trickery like the proverbial North Face badgers.

We could reserve the word ‘viral’ only for suspected guerilla marketing, but that seems like a way to avoid the question. We’d need a new word for the legit stuff.


The Bunnings Sausage Sizzle is a fund-raising staple for smaller Australian charities. Every weekend, local hardware stores provide a BBQ, a tent and prime space outside their store to a worthy cause so they can make some money selling sausages on bread to a hungry suburban dad looking for a cheap circular saw.

It’s not marketing for Bunnings (they don’t need it as they’re a dominant force in the market) or the droke-maker (not mentioned in the video AFAICT). It’s just the sort of thing you do on a sunny Australian weekend when you happen to have a drone and want to mess about with your mates.


I don’t know. The multiple camera angles and superfluous shots (especially the pan at the beginning) make it seem much more like a Bunnings promo (to me at least).


Hot Tub Dog Flies Hot Dog Man - Uses Ketchup


Yeah, that pan is magic. That imitation of scene-setting craftsmanship is uncanny. But it’s also true that legit amateurs imitate marketers’ uncanny imitations of art. It’s uncanny all the way down!


Sausages are not hotdogs.


Seconded. Sausages and hot dogs are different things. With all the wrong in the world at the moment Rob @beschizza, you need to get this right! :disappointed:


Unlike gamergate, this is all about sausages, actually.

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