Man who has served 4 years in prison for possession of 2 joints must serve at least 10 years: Gov. Bobby Jindal

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…one does not simply grant clemency appeals when you are running the World’s Prison Capital!

How Louisiana Became The World’s ‘Prison Capital’ : NPR

A majority of Louisiana's inmates are now housed in for-profit jails, which are run in many instances by parish sheriffs located in rural areas of the state. The sheriffs receive approximately $25 a day per inmate. In some instances, sheriffs outsource the prisons to for-profit companies who then operate the prisons themselves. In exchange, the sheriffs receive cash for their department, which allows them to hire more employees.
Damn anti-corporate types trying to mess with a thriving economy.

So presidential!


Jindal’s Jim Crow is alive and well in the 21st century South.


Once pot is legal–nationwide or in most states–how will the commercial prison industry make due? I know it will still take a while, but that’s probably the way we’re headed. As such, can we anticipate and head them off beforehand?

“Law enforcement” seems to be making up existential justification
budget shortfalls via asset forfeiture.

Big Pen made bank by lobbying for tougher sentencing and mandatory minimums. Will we see them lobby for increased data collection to detect and prosecute the many laws we’re all violating daily?


My money is on Debtor’s Prisons.
Lots of big school loans out there…


Sounds about right. After all, our people-eating financial lizard overlords should have complete control by then.


Jindal needs to perform a self exorcism. What a smug, evil little asshole.


And the hoooooooome of theeeeee braaaaaaaaaavvvvveeee

Also, I wonder how many joints Jindal has smoked over the years

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Meanwhile, Marco Rubio’s been tweeting about how he wants to keep Gitmo open, if nothing else so Louisiana’s got competition for being the prison capital.

Reading more about this, the man was originally sentenced to 5 years by a judge who couldn’t fathom sending him away for 13. Prosecutors appealed the sentence, “won”, and got him the full amount. How do these people sleep at night?

The kicker? He was only visiting Louisiana. He supported 7 kids running a restaurant in Kansas City.

Minor nitpick, I believe his previous two drug possession convictions were 12 and 24 years ago. That is, relative (to now) rather than absolute. He’s 48 so that means when he was 24 and 36 years-old.


Apparently not enough…

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I’m thinking his skin colour has more to do with his sentence (and likely conviction) than anything else.


Man, the injustice is just overwhelming. What a fucking disgrace.


first at age 12, then 24, then 48… I’ve got ten bucks says he gets caught again when he’s 96, but by then it will be pan-galactic gargle-blasters or something.

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There’s absolutely no point in putting a non-violent offender like this in prison. Mandatory sentences and all that 3 strikes shit has to be rolled back and rational sentencing put into place, if for no other reason (like decency) that it’s crazy expensive.

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From the article:

But for some reason Gov. Jindal and his administration refuses to show compassion and follow the recent lead of President Obama who granted clemency to twenty two prisoners this March.

It isn’t like Obama is a big pardoner either, so far he’s pardoned fewer than the previous 20th century low point of Bush the elder, who was only there for one term and even then an outlier.

Spending money is fine so long as it’s for bombing foreigners, imprisoning minorities, or corporate welfare.

This case is two (out of three) birds with one stone!

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