Man who helped cause 2008 financial crash suddenly very concerned about the economy

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the Russians will have to reconsider who to work for to best screw up the US

I read that as him saying, “Heaven forbid they have to make a change from the stooge they’ve been working with for the past few years.”


He’s in a position to say out loud what the DNC establishment and the corporate media can’t as they feign neutrality.


For guys like him “the economy” equals “speculation on Wallstreet”, gaming the system, using tax loopholes and basically just anything that increases the profits for the few, while minimizing the benefits of the society as a whole.


Hard to read this as anything other than, “I crashed your economy once, I’ll do it again if you elect a socialist. No skin off my nose, seriously. I’ll be fine” That is my concern with Bernie, that corporations and investors will rebel. And since the media and Mainstream Democrats are willing to go along with the fiction that Wall Street wealth == Main Street health, rather than stocks markets being an out of control Macy’s Day Parade balloon dragging us all down the street, it’ll work.

My only hope is that in truth their threats are as spineless as they were with Trump, and they will ultimately value stability over complete control, and will play ball with Bernie. I’m voting for him either way.


The average American has $38,000 in debt, so for them, their economy is already ruined.


What’s interesting about this comment is that he’s essentially admitting that yes, the Russians are totally supporting and assisting Trump for the purpose of screwing up the US economy. Also that he’s apparently terrified that Bernie will get the nomination, because he knows Trump can’t beat the guy.


Aww. Poor robber baron might not be robbing?

These guys are feckless little worms. Corporations will adjust as they always have. As a matter of fact, most of what “everyday citizens” want existed 60 years ago when the economy was truly “booming” by all measures and not just select few.


Have you looked at the NY Times, WaPo, etc?. They’re not being quiet about it. The panic is clearly underway.


They still have to pretend in a way that Blankfein doesn’t by using sneaky headlines, op-ed cut-outs, concern-tr0lling analysis pieces, massaged interpretation of polls, and assigning ideologically reliable reporters like Sydney Ember to cover the candidates. But yeah, the panic is showing despite their best efforts.


Yeah. It’s been kind of amusing too to see the different writers/ factions/ opinions collide even within the same news organization.

HEADLINE (just before full vote count)

Bernie Loses Iowa!

Slightly smaller headline the next morning

Ok, ok Bernie actually won Iowa.


IIRC, when Sandy Weill of Citibank took his company (and thus taxpayer-bailout-funded) private jet to fly, the plane was fitted with pillows made from Hermès scarves, lest his august bottom be irritated by inadequate upholstery. That’s the kind of sybaritic lifestyle these high-finance kleptocrats enjoy.


“Vote blue no matter who” apparently only counts when forcing the left to accommodate the center.


These greedy fucks really chap my ass. Oh boo-hoo, I might have to pay my fair share of taxes and 99.9% of everyone else will have an opportunity to improve their lives while my lifestyle changes not one iota. How will I survive if I can’t keep adding 0s to my hoarded wealth?


In a post apocalyptic future, we will be making jerky out of the likes of him.


There exists no hole deep enough nor no hell hot enough for Banksters.

I have spoken.


All I hear are rich AF old white guys crying like little babies. It’s pathetic.

Being 1% of 1% must be sooooo hard.


He may be evil, but he is not an idiot, and there is no reason to believe he is a fan of Trump. Everyone but Trump recognizes the Russians interfered in his favor. Not because he would ruin America (although that is cherry on the icing for their purposes) but because they are trying to amplify the fault lines inside American society and politics to paralyze us and discredit the model of liberal democracy.

There was this case in Houston where they helped organize a bunch of rednecks to show up with guns in front of a mosque, and at the same time organised a counter-demonstration, presumably hoping Charlottesville-style violence would occur.


It’s like they need help spending all that hoarded cash? I know just the person…


Oh yeah. If Sanders is somehow allowed to become the nominee, the party is going to undermine him and underfund him like they’re a GOP administration and he’s a regulatory agency. Meanwhile, they’ll be doing all they can to make sure a Bloomberg independent bid goes off smoothly.