Man who killed man he believed was a chicken is released


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Those chickens are a public menace.


KFC is hiring.


set Glanton free from his oversight and the supervision of mental health workers

Seems to me it would be a better idea to have mental health workers continue to supervise the man. Or am I missing something?


Shouldn’t he be trying to kill the aliens, not the innocent people the aliens magicked into chickens?


A similar thing happened when a space probe landed on Gilligan’s Island.


“These doors goin’ swing wide!”
(Raising Arizona)


I feel dumb for asking this, but someone DID show him a picture of a chicken and a person and make him identify them correctly before letting him out. Right?




I would also make sure he wants to kill neither. You know, just in case.


In related news, former Kids WB star Chicken Boo is still missing…


Dammit, beat me to it.


From the article:

He was employed for several years at a Home Depot store in Chesterfield, working three to four hours a day, five days a week. But he lost the job — despite being named employee of the month several times — after the victim’s family learned of his employment during a similar review hearing last year and complained to store management.

This? This is the kind of thing that could cut off his supply of meds and a real chance of easing back into society. Remember that we don’t have universal healthcare in this country.



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