Man who threatened Hispanic family claims was getting "rum" not a "gun"


Run, Forrest, run!


Gilderoy Lockhart hit the sauce once he lost the Dark Arts job.


Watch out, he’s got a nug!


I understand that Hijos De Villa has recently expanded from tequila to rum.



He seems like a flying basshole


It’s true though; I once applied hand lotion (left hand only) and was overcome with the desire to wear skinny jeans…I may be confused.


It’s a funny family.


Oh, well played sir!


“Jail time” sounds like “It’s fine”.


Something trumpish about that face.


Holy crap!

I used some fantastic shea butter hand lotion today, and then my kid’s “hello kitty” lotion (which strangely has a pretty mild smell) on my arms tonight.

am I… am I going to turn fabulous?


Maybe this bozo meant to say


Good thing that these mumbly mouth racists are edumacated.


Well, your avatar is FABULOUS!


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