Man who threatened Hispanic family claims was getting "rum" not a "gun"


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Rum? No no…I know a rum drinker when I see one.


That doesn’t even make sense in the context of a hateful racist insult.



And this guy ain’t no Captain.


And the building owner evicted his ass immediately?


Relevant clip regarding “guns” from Take the Money and Run.


You mean this whole time the debate has been about rum control?


“Police say McMahon also told the family he was going back to his apartment to get a gun, and he returned with something wrapped in a towel that looked like a gun”

Of course it was rum. Everyone knows you always carry your rum wrapped in a towel. I’m pretty sure the towel was the highest selling bit of merchandise with ol’ Jack Sparrow’s face on it!


Why do racists all have such terrible skin?


Of all the things they shouldn’t be neglecting about themselves…


Colorado gets more sunshine than most of the country, so there are a lot of leathery mofos here to start with, but this kind of insecure, toxic aggression is usually comorbid with an intense fear that applying sunscreen or moisturizer would turn them gay.


I was hoping for a punch line. There are so many talented BB’ers, I know SOMEBODY can think of a good one.


All that bile can’t be good for the liver.


I can see why Kenneth Branagh kept this secret brother under wraps.

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Rum from… Cuba? Jamaica? Haiti? Barbados? That rum?


Came for this, was not disappointed.


It may just seem that way. Mug shot lighting could be (necessarily) harsh.

Re racists… the ugliness is internal.


Dumbass. . . “gum” would have been a lot more believable.




To be surprisingly fair to this asshole, that looks like rosacea which tends to get worse with alcohol and sunlight. No correlation with racism per se that I know of but very common among white people.