Man willing to shoot child who rang his doorbell looking for missing kitten apologizes after he goes viral

A little more from NPR:


Well yeah, but that’s because you’re not a gun-fondling murder-happy psychopath. You weirdo.


Guess he didn’t see that storm coming…


There must be a place in the special hell for people delivering thinly supported smarmy safety PSAs “ooh, doorbells in this day and age…”; while being the threat you are fretting about.

Like discovering that the person fretting on nextdoor about how Halloween just isn’t safe anymore is the one putting razor blades in candy for some cryptic reason.


I’m not desperately concerned about those people(except in the sense that I’d like the rest of us shielded from them; with a humanitarian preference toward refurbishing them rather than just isolating them); so I’m curious about whether there’s a mechanism on the carrier side, especially a cross-industry one, for dealing with cases like this.

I assume that the USPS has special obligations(along with special law enforcement powers); but is there a mechanism by which fedex can just burn an address or a recipient for menacing their delivery staff; and ideally give UPS, DHL, Amazon, and the various app-based delivery mechanisms a collegial heads up about never sending anyone out to the murderhouse?

I’m sure that there’d be a risk of false positives/awful data munging errors/new owners of the place purchased from the estate of the nutjob who died 3 years ago; but, if feasible, it’d be nice to keep delivery drivers just trying to do their thing out of the line of fire; and a certain satisfying appropriateness to letting the unhinged castle-doctrine it up on their own because nobody feels like freedom-of-associationing across their moats anymore.

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what is wrong with me that point of sale automatically turned to POS in my head? ahhh marketing!


I’ll just leave this here;


Thank goodness he got his head together and stopped being a bad guy with a gun and reverted to being a good guy with a gun again. Now the neighborhood is safer once again! :roll_eyes:


Maybe they’ll try to tie in the actions of the “Weathermen” from the 1970s.


“You do NOT ring doorbells in 2023” encapsulates so much about a certain percentage of the population’s world view.

It says:

“I am suspicious of all strangers and assume they are dangerous”
“I believe I am under constant threat from vaguely defined entities”
“I believe the world is more dangerous now than it used to be”
“I am extremely isolationist and do not wish to interact with other people, ever”

It’s such a dark and disturbing world view, in complete opposition to reality. The world is safer than it’s ever been. People are by and large extremely nice everywhere in the world. People help each other all the time with anything. It’s what people are all about and why we’re so successful. We rescue strangers, give them food and shelter, give them rides, whatever, no questions asked. Happens all day every day, everywhere in the world.

Since we can’t fix people like this guy, you gotta get rid of the guns.


In the USA, postal carriers don’t need to deliver to any address they don’t want to (the provision is probably worded differently than that, but that’s the effect). I talked to a guy who couldn’t receive mail because his mailbox was at the top of a staircase, and the carrier didn’t like climbing it. I’d imagine private carriers are pretty much the same (except Amazon, probably).

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It also says that this guy considers the people gunning down innocent kids at their doorsteps and driveways to be the good guys. He thinks they did nothing wrong. He really believes that it should be legal to kill someone who rings his doorbell or pulls into his driveway by mistake or loses their ball in his yard. And every member of the NRA is in agreement with him.


I’ve been in a foul mood before, but I’ve never threatened to shoot someone.

What a garbage human being.


This is not about mental health, it’s about a strain of American culture that embraces a violent gun culture… it’s an ideology not a pathology…




That’s all fine and dandy, as long as he chooses to live a hermitic life, away from society and all other people.

Otherwise, he’s a liability to everyone in his vicinity, just waiting to happen.


I had two idiots come by my door at the height of the pandemic, before the vaccine was available, unmasked, to talk about religion. Inner door of an apartment building, so it could have theoretically gotten me killed. I was peeved, and told them to go away, through the door, but it never occurred to me to consider murdering them.


Yah, if he lived in a cabin in the woods and didn’t vote, I wouldn’t care. You do you, Angry Man. But him and his buddies punch way above their weight in America’s politics these days. :unamused:

The slide into fascism is greased by fear, suspicion, and bigotry.


Exactly; take that lethally antisocial shit off-grid, FFS.


Yeah I cannot imagine any of the parents on that block feel good about having him there if they have heard about it. The way he doubled down and the things he said have made it clear he is a legitimate threat to small children that live in the area.


Can’t say what I’m actually thinking, so I’ll just concur.