Man with no free hands rings doorbell


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“the second-best way to ring a doorbell if you have no free hands.”

Second-best? What’s a better way than the way he did it?


Old middle-school joke:

A nymphomaniac posts a personal ad announcing she is looking for the world’s greatest lover. Soon afterward she answers her door to find a man with no arms and no legs.

She says “I don’t mean to be insensitive, but how could you be the world’s greatest lover when you don’t even have limbs?”

To which he replies “how do you think I rang the doorbell?”


I don’t have the apparatus necessary to engage the best way to ring a doorbell without free hands.

Does that help?


Gawd! Does he even know where that doorbell button has been?


Man with no free hands rings doorbell


Do you know where his nose has been?





Good point! (or 2)


You are cleared through noseprint identification.


I was thinking he meant this:


It looks like he’s carrying two small pieces of luggage. Why not set one down and ring the doorbell? I could understand if it were an oversized or especially heavy box, but… c’mon. Use your hands.


i’m glad that i’m not the only one who smirked at the thought of the old joke first, and then assumed he used his nose without watching the video first.


I have been known to operate my smartphone in this fashion when my hands are encased in winter gloves.


That’s how my brother uses his iphone!


Ding dong


He’s clearly done it before. In fact it might be routine for him.


God damn it, @beschizza, don’t ever change.


Man, I am so glad that bra design had improved immensely by the time I was born.


If you’re going to consume dairy products, why not out of a cone?