Police nab gentleman who was caught on camera licking doorbell


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Trump's lying, there is no terrorism crisis on the US-Mexico border.

Dispatch, we’ve got a Rule #41 in progress. 400 block of Hyde St.

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Are doorbell fetishes a thing? I’m asking because I’m too scared to google it.


There will be a reason for this. I, however, am happy not to know.


Officers knew Arroyo because they have encountered him several times previously, (Salinas Police spokesperson Miguel) Cabrera said.

Shocking, his reputation proceeds him. His parents must be so proud. /s



That is an intercom button, not a peyote button.


Fucking EWW



“Hey, this doorbell tastes like moose butt!”


3 HOURS??? Well if he could direct his talents elsewhere, he could make someone very happy.


The case has been sent to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office, which will decide whether to file charges.

So what, exactly, are the charges for licking a doorbell? (“Felony gross creepiness”?) Would the charges be different if he’d simply touched the doorbell with his finger for three hours?



Which begs the tragic question of how he might be able make to the comparison. Perhaps somewhere there is a moose with a very satisfied look on it’s moose mouth.


Maybe I could understand if it was a knocker instead of a door bell.


That isn’t how one rings a doorbell?


And here I thought doorbelllicker was just the new aphex twin single


Someone double-dog dared him.

Unfortunately, nobody realized the weather in California never gets cold enough for his tongue to stick to the doorbell.

Had he tried it here, either he’d still be stuck there, or the bit of tongue left on the doorbell would provide DNA to track him down.



I wonder what he did to the doorknob?