Manafort lied about contacts with Russia and Trump, Mueller says in memo


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The Quark GIF is insufficient by orders of magnitude.


‘discernible lies,’

Translation: answers to questions asked to this arrogant and smug prick to which we already knew the true answers.

Enjoy prison, Paulie. And despite your Twitter bluster, we can smell your sweat from here, unnamed “Individual 1”.


And that’s the name of that tune.



January is going to be interesting.


Individual 1 is in deep number 2!


It is nice to see Trump sticking by his staff through thick and thin.


Just a random, unrelated picture for illustrative purposes

Either he’s a pathological liar and delusional international man of mystery, or it’s part of his desperate, albeit cunning plan to make absolutely sure he gets a pardon from the Con Man in Chief. (Yeah I know. Why not both.)


Lies? What are lies? Oh, you mean “controversial statements that sources say could not be verified”?

Also, that one tweet looks very much like Trump thanking Manafort for lying.


And here’s Ken White’s opinion on the contents of those briefs in The Atlantic:

Executive summary: Manafort’s fucked, Cohen’s fucked too, though not quite as badly, and Trump’s almost certainly fucked as well.


Fingers crossed…


None the less, I persisted…



TV commentators have wondered why Cohen and Manafort would continue to lie about certain things, even when faced with evidence by the FBI, such as communications with Russians and Trump, while admitting to various personal financial crimes. The best answer I’ve heard is that they are more afraid of what the Russians will do to them if they talk, than of going to a US prison.




Will they at least let him keep the jersey in prison?


No backsies!!!


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