Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress about Russia Trump real estate project


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Well now!

Angry tweets denying having ever even met this Michael Cohen guy, and complaining about Mueller ruining the lives of innocent Republicans, incoming soon, I bet.



Amazing how many people in Trump’s inner circle have perjured themselves on the topic of Russia considering that they all claim Trump’s dealings with Russia are unimportant.



My attorney got arrested.




Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA - NO DEALS , NO LOANS, NO NOTHING! 4:31 AM



“Not Russia! Not Russia! You’re the Russia!”



I had no deals with Russia, but if I did, they would be the best deals ever. You wouldn’t have seen deals like this. The best no deals ever!


This episode will go into history as the Manchurian candidate in stupid.


Okay, lets just get a show of hands for those in this administration that have NOT lied to congress, the FBI or the media.


I’ve been saying for two years now that if The Manchurian Candidate was released today Republicans would assume Angela Lansbury’s character was the hero and Frank Sinatra’s was the villain.


Does anyone else think that a great new real estate investment strategy would be to start a company that focuses on high quality, comfortable, villas in exile ?


Hey, spoiler on one of the all-time great reveals! I know it’s an old movie, but because it’s a classic that’s a lot of people haven’t seen because Sinatra pulled it for decades.





Fair enough, added spoiler tag.