Man's excuse for groping woman on plane flight: Trump "says it's OK"


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Well, that was only a matter of time…so.


You got it wrong dude. The President said you need to grab them by the pussy, not the breast. You’re going to jail for not being able to follow even simple directions.

Also because that was an insane excuse and you are a sexual predator.

You also need to listen to the rest of his speech where the explains that you also have to be rich for it to work, because nobody is going to say no to a guy with a lot of money. That was his entire point, that the rich don’t have to care about the law because they are rich. It’s his life philosophy.






Ew, buttplug? Ugh, I thought the Manson one was bad.


“And when you’re a star, they let you do it.”
Bruce Michael Alexander, you are not a star.


I guess the good news is that he ended up in a police car. I guess.


Something tells me that the ‘Trump defense’ doesn’t actually carry a great deal of weight in a court of law.



His response is even more Trumpian/OJian — he denied it, and said that later in the police car.


Why not? You can’t fault the guy’s logic.


And even if you were, you’re still committing assault.


Well, past US presidents have also said that it’s fine to kidnap foreign nationals and torture them for extended periods, overthrow other people’s governments, or rain down high explosive on major cities … but when I tried it, I got in a whole heap of trouble.

So I’ve learned my lesson. I’m holding out for something a little more definitive than just ‘the president says it’s OK’ before I do anything in future.


If the President does it, it’s not illegal.

– Richard Nixon


Similar to the Soros bombing attempt, my only surprise is that this took so long to show up. These assholes think that Trump is actually speaking to them and for them, and that his words actually carry weight. BTW, dude, he will NOT pay your legal bills. Just FYI.


He moved on her like a bitch.


Just a note, it’s not okay when stars do it, either. It’s never okay.

  1. Dust off that old meme:

  1. Brucey baby forgot the part about being rich and powerful in order to avoid consequences. (It’s still wrong, but they are more likely to get away with it.)

  2. Bruce is from Tampa. Florida strike again.

  3. FYI - mugshot -


This is what we got. Millions of people voted him into office knowing what kind of a dick he was. I’m not surprised there are so many other dicks in the U.S.


…which is what the cops did to him then.