Mansplaining in the Wild

This is a dumping ground for mansplaining. Pretty straightforward. If mansplaining happens, and it’s not quite flaggable, then this is where it will go. Bonus points for mansplaining about the definition of “mansplaining.”

Post deleted as it wasn’t that funny after all.


For clarity, is this topic in place to highlight mansplaining outside of BoingBoing? Media, social media, journal articles, etc etc? Or is it a place to pile on people who mansplain in the comments sections of other topics? Or, I suppose, both?


The main idea is to stop topic derails here, but all examples from across the interwebs are welcome in this gallery of facepalms!

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Good point.
I hope @anon85524460 doesn’t think I’m piling on him/her/them.
It was just a funny aside.

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Except you kinda are :stuck_out_tongue:

And now I can’t even respond because to do so would be more mansplaining.

I just will be honest then. I like the Embrarer E-jets. They’re like amongst my favorite planes. Ever. Even though they’re tiny little things, they’re incredibly safe tiny little things and are just wonderful planes. I enjoy them. I enjoy flying them in sims, I enjoy riding in them, and so I do think it’s important (and I know, weird) , that that safety and quality record is defended. This wasn’t a shitty old falling apart Tupolev,.

So. Yes, you’re piling on me. Yes, it’s a fair cop. But I was just commenting about a bingo square on a man’s death pool, so, I honestly didn’t think it’d be considered a microaggression.

Now I know and I’ll do better.

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I didn’t think you were being aggressive at all, even micro-ly (which is probably not a word).
I thought @dabeyec’s response was funny, that’s all.

I think I’ll get rid of that post.

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