Many American flags atop government buildings are made by prisoners


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Under current law, all physically able inmates who are not a security risk or have a health exception are required to work, either for UNICOR or at some other prison job. Inmates earn from US$0.23 per hour up to a maximum of US$1.15 per hour, and all inmates with court-ordered financial obligations must use at least 50% of this UNICOR income to satisfy those debts

Slavery never stopped. It just changed form.


And now the ‘chains’ are on our minds.


I feel like we’ve had this exchange before. :wink:


So we have.

"Struggle is a never ending process; Freedom is never really ‘won.’ We must earn it and win it in every generation."

~ paraphrased from Coretta Scott King.


Perfect. Just Perfect.


They also make all of the US military dogtags, ammo belts, helmets and body armour.

So what is really “supporting the troops”?


Land of the free. Home of the brave.

Or so I’ve been told.

They might be unorthodox uses of ‘free’ and ‘brave.’



At least most of the Flags aren’t being “Made in China” anymore.

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