Map of all the restaurants Anthony Bourdain visited

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i see a page that asks for my email and then a “get access” link that does nothing… at least on my desktop browser…


There’s a dark pattern at play. The modal window that pops up has a box to put in your email address (which doesn’t look like a text entry box unless you click in it), and a big red button saying “Get Access” (which won’t do anything unless you figured out that you need to put your email address in the other thing that looks like a button), and under all that is a tiny link in dark grey text and small font on a black background that goes black on black when you hover over it that reads “No thanks.”

Click the link they clearly don’t want you to click, and you get access to the thing you went there for.


yes that did it!! thanks!!


O! The places I’ll never go to to eat! ('Cuz of money and viruses, etc)

I’m glad he did all that for me. I remember him in Vietnam, out in a boat, where he pull up alongside one boat and they have something amazing, then you head over to another boat where they have something that looks fantastic, fresh, etc. What a life. (And yea, I read about how it ended.)

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It’s not complete. It doesn’t list Tetsua’s in Sydney, NSW for example

I went there after seeing Tony go in A Cooks Tour and had a VERY enjoyable, albeit very expensive, meal in what was at the time rated the No 3 restaurant in the world.

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Thought this seemed familiar


We are the product.


Do bars not count? I know he went to Clermont in ATL… with Alton Brown, to boot… Here they are with Blondie…

He went to several places in ATL, in fact…



I miss that man so much. RiP Tony.

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