Map of favorite Disney princesses by US state


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Their mission is to declutt(e)r, and so they cut out the fluff and only offer truly important articles.


If I don’t get eaten by space eels, I’m asking for one of these for my birthday.


Poor Tiana couldn’t even take her home state of Louisiana, meanwhile Moana is all over the map despite her own explicit insistence that she wasn’t a princess.


Let it go.


I was always more partial to:


We have dibs on that in Arizona. Notice how her finger is poised to shove it in our former President’s face? :rolling_eyes:


I can’t believe Snow White is more popular than Princess Leia in California. What kind of survey is this?!?


Why isn’t the entire map just one big Princess Leia head?


I’m not sure this study conforms to the best practices as set by the National Academy of Princess Sciences.


Snow White was made in California and funded by a California bank so her populatirity has been here from day one–at a time when no one else would risk funding a first-time feature length animated movie.


I’ve just realized there is no Jasmine. And no Esmeralda (though she may not count as a princess…?).

So I guess you really can find a political message there.


o_0 not really sure politics has anything to do with it.

Especially Esmeralda, as that has to be one of Disney’s least popular movies ever.

Also - Leia is now a Disney Princess, I bet they didn’t even factor her in the ratings.




Meanwhile, the map of favorite Disney generals by US state has Leia Organa for all fifty. So much for diversity!


Agreed. She’s not really a princess so much as Queen of Creepy voice.

And fun fact: The many Snow Whites at Disneyland (the human characters are allowed to talk) do the same creepy voice.

My favorite disney princess:


Really? No state was hipster enough to pick Princess Eilonwy?

She’s from this movie Disney did back before they got all commercial and mainstream. You’ve probably never heard of it.


Or at least from the period when they briefly forgot how to be commercial and mainstream, no matter how desperately they wanted to be so.


No Merida?

Fake news.


What is it with “princesses” as a thing? Sure, I’d be the first to agree that it rolls off the tongue better than “brood mare of hereditary despotism”; but that is only an argument for the term, not the role.