Map of ships sunk during World War II

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Fascinating. A real rabbit-hole.

Though there are ships sunk (not “sink” @beschizza - see your first sentence) on the Thames in London, and I suspect some might dispute that as being “Thames estuary”, as stated. So I looked it up and there are two definitions - one out by Canvey Island (as I assumed), and one saying Teddington Lock because everything east of that is tidal.

Things you learn from BB!


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How often were ships sunk through “self-inflicted action” that wasn’t accidental? Intentionally sinking a disabled vessel to prevent it from falling into enemy hands, maybe?

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It lists many vessels as scuttled so they may be on there


Preventing capture is a thing; they also scuttled some as parts of temporary harbors at one point.

Not sure if there were any cases of attempts to impede navigation; like the “Stone Fleet” was used to do during the Civil war; I wouldn’t rule it out but just using mines was probably cheaper and more sensible in the majority of cases; unless you were dealing with a harbor that was about to fall and denying the ships to the enemy and making a mess of the harbor were two parts of the same action.


Here’s one of the temporary harbours.


This would also cover friendly fire, I think.

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Is it me, or isn’t there a function where you can search by ship for the location it sunk?
Lately I’ve been down the rabbit hole that is Drachinifel’s YouTube channel, and now I’d like to look up a couple of positions for context and additional information.

The blog references a find-a-ship feature. I don’t think it is working though.

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On the tablet all I see is a blank page. Completely blank.
I’ll try again on the proper computer in a couple of days when I’m back at home.
But thanks anyway!

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