Sunk Costa Concordia ship, as seen by sattelite before and after being hauled upright


Calling him the “Captain” is an insult to the long history of the word “Captain”. “Skipper” or perhaps Skippy seams more appropriate.

Do ships have an equivalent to the ‘black box’ systems that aircraft have, to establish the state of all input/control devices, and the status of steering, propulsion, etc. systems across time?

That seems like it would be a useful thing for not turning this into a game of he said/he said. (Of course, regardless, I’d want to ask Captain Competence exactly WTF he was thinking executing any manouvers where sub-minute response times from crew were vital to not hitting the rocks and sinking, in a gigantic passenger ship. It’s like trying to do a barrel roll in a 747, then claiming that your copilot was sloppy…)

What happened to closing the bulkheads when the hull is breached?

Them Indonesian helmsmen is the worstest kind of helmsmen.

Skippy is grabbing at straws in blaming the helmsman. As fuzzyfungus noted, you have to ask: What was the ship doing so close to land as to end up “touching bottom” in the first place? There should always be enough seaway as to allow for minor goofs on the helmsman’s part. Even back in Homer’s day, Prudence was a known virtue for a mariner–such was the description of Odysseus in word and deed.

Indonesian helmsman issue and not one Sulu reference?

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