'MARCH WITH US' — Keke Palmer brings armed National Guard members to their knees during LA protest in viral video

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The video can not be played.

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If you have trouble with the embedded video, here’s a direct link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/GadiNBC/status/1267945648705298433




She speaks eloquently and powerfully.

The language used by the soldier reveals the structural issues at play.

I have to guard this intersection.
Who are you guarding it from?

I have to patrol this area.
What do you anticipate finding on your patrol?

I have to protect these businesses.
:sob: :cry: :rage:


Yep, that there gets down to the brass tacks…almost.


I am given hope by demonstrators, community leaders, and average people standing up for what’s right.


Cue the alt-right trolls taking this as proof that activists are paid “crisis actors” (never mind that actual actors are fully formed human beings capable of formulating and expressing political opinions).


That great.

It made the Channel 4 evening news in the UK and Ireland.


On twitter there is a lot of people saying that the national guard members risk getting into deep trouble protesting while in uniform. Does anyone know if that’s true?


Good for her!

She and John Boyega are out there right in the thick of it, marching with the regular masses; they have my utmost respect.


They’re supposed to be apolitical, but being out there during protests to me is inherently political regardless if its intentional or not.


Friend of mine posted some screen grabs from Twitter of the singer Halsey tending to people that were shot with rubber bullets and tear gassed, after getting gassed and shot herself. I don’t know much about her but i respect that. Couldn’t find my friend’s post but here’s Vulture covering it.

About Boyega, i really admire him for his voice and his activism. He’s truly a role model and an inspiration.


Rather ironically, Halsey was in the news not too long ago, involving some statement about her heritage - although White presenting, she’s biracial. Acts like this “show me who she really is,” in a good way for once.

Good on her.


Attention fascists (and their enablers): this is why you will lose this one. Rahul Dubey is why you will lose this one. Sesame Street is why you will lose this one. There are more of us, and we see you for what you are. Crawl back into the sewers of history.


While they are in uniform they are subject to the provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If they violate orders while in uniform they could be court-martialed and sent to the Army stockade (prison) at Leavenworth, Kansas. They are also liable to a host of lesser punishments. Basically, those Guardsmen have orders to stand their posts and if they left they would be risking God knows how many years in prison.
PS: I like your pseudonym.


Looks to me like a beautiful win-win. Notwithstanding the many layered success for the protesters here, the Guard accomplished their mission by not escalating the interaction. And did it in a very respectful and civilized way.

Edit 1 to replace “de-escalating” with “not escalating”.
Edit 2 to replace “whatever situation was developing” with “the interaction”.

Am I missing context here, what kind of situation was developing there? There’s no cops to be seen, so I would not assume that there was any threat of violence.

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I will edit to say “not-escalating” the situation. Is it only cops that threaten and perform violence? I’ve been made aware that any interaction with authority during these protests is very likely to go poorly, so to see a very positive one is uplifting. Perhaps I conflated police action with that of other security forces. I do recall something about Kent State. My comment is not meant to take away anything from Keke Palmer’s remarkable courage and powers of persuasion.


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