Margot Robbie gives a tour of Barbie's Dreamhouse

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There are a slew of films featuring Barbie, it’s just that they’re all animated and straight to dvd. As a toddler, my daughter watched them pretty much non stop. They made extended car rides much much easier.


Well, now I find myself sort of wanting to see a Barbie film. I love that Emma Mackey is in this along with Margot, since everyone says they look a lot alike (they do in fact).


Wishing I could be that set painter, with his Barbie Dream Job.


When this movie gets to Boston I’ll be at the first Saturday morning showing. I noticed after going to Super Mario Brothers and The League of Super Pets that parents like to bring their kids to the first afternoon showing on Saturdays. My only worry will be navigating the crowd in the lobby when I’m leaving.

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The closest any character at all gets is probably Forrest Gump, who doesn’t even manage half of Barbie’s resume.


Yeah, women are only pieces of meat, after all… /s :roll_eyes:


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Anyone who watches Peppa Pig will know that NO-ONE has as many jobs as Miss Rabbit!

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