Marijuana farmer suing police for illegal raid and leaving huge pizza party mess behind

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75 pizza boxes were “haphazardly discarded” on the property.

How many cops were there to go through SEVENTY-FUCKING-FIVE pizzas?!


Somebody had the munchies.


When we were in high school we hung out along a miles long parkway that had lots of side roads and little parks.

We’d skip school to drink beer and smoke weed, or hang out on the weekends to toss a Frisbee around and drink beer and smoke weed or hang out at night to make out, drink beer and smoke weed.

The county sheriff would bust us all the time and confiscate our beer and weed. Unless we were really out of control they wouldn’t write us any tickets.

About a year out of high school I was in a college course with a retired county sheriff, I asked him what they did with all my beer and weed.

He laughed, they had parties and drank our beer and smoked our weed.

So while this story is way extrene, it doesn’t really suprise me.


When I was a young Kidd, my mom had a friend who was a cop. He had a huge marijuana plant in his living room.


I’m gonna go with 4.
5, at a push.


Your mom knew a cop. No one has a friend who’s a cop. Cops are not your friends, ever.

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They went to high school together.

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And Lee Harvey was a friend of mine
He used to take me fishing all the time
He used to throw the ball to me
When I was just a kid
They say he shot the president
But I don’t think he did
Lee Harvey, by the Asylum Street Spankers

Yeah, I know how that can be. We had a family friend that became a cop after I left home. (No surprise what kind of bigot he was even before he joined the force; I can only imagine how he was once he had that inflated sense of power.)

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that was the running joke in new york city back in the day: don’t let the police see you with that weed; they’re gunna want some.

( at least among white punks granted. results can vary based on the color of one’s skin )


wow! there’s a band i haven’t thought about in a long time. :slight_smile:

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They’re still one of my favorites. :smile:

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