Marjorie Taylor Green? This Psaki bomb is for you

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I’m impressed that he kept a completely straight face.


Also, after assuring us all that the administration doesn’t take medical advice from Empty G, I wish she had added, “and, you have to ask yourself, if these republicans are so upset about providing free, life-saving health care to our residents that will allow schools and businesses to safely open up, why are they in the field of public service?”
But I know she’d never do that. Too much of a professional.


I am sure that one of major the job requirements of a press representative, public or governmental, is the ability to keep a straight face whilst delivering or receiving the most outrageous bullshit.


It’s clear that left and right in the USA have different views of what the federal government is for. The left ironically follows the original Republican Abraham Lincoln’s idea that it’s a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” and tries to do things for the common good.

And today’s “modern” Republicans think the government exists to put money in the pockets of the wealthy and let everyone else get by as best they can.


Yeah, I’m not that guy.


IKR? That’s what the professional agitators are for.

I wish the Democratic Party would get a few on board to lob those kind of bombs at the republicans for opposing vaccines, opposing minimum wage increases (“they say they they are against welfare, but the biggest welfare recipients are Walmart and McDonald’s!”), restricting voting rights (“what are they afraid of? If their message is popular, they will win in an even bigger landslide!”), for their stance on open carry (“so afraid of their own shadow they need to strap a gun to their hip to go to a suburban Starbucks!”), ad nauseum. There needs to be someone to publicly ridicule these positions loudy and mercilessly. “Oh no! Critical Race Theory! Do the precious snowflakes need a safe space to cry about how mean brown people are to mention 200+ years of American slavery? Do you need a trigger warning?”

I’m grumpy today.


Got a push poll yesterday-- Virgiinia holds elections for state offices on off years.

The poll wanted my opinion on

“school choice” – a regime which would redirect state funding from public to private schools on a individualized basis.
“critical race theory”
“transgender bathrooms”

and then I hung up.

So, apparently that’s the GOP platform in Virginia. Sounds like a load of bollocks to me.


“school choice”

As opposed to “school optional” and cherry picking your accreditation standards.

“critical race theory”

As opposed to a frank discussion on our country’s darkest chapters, rather than a “carry on” attitude to our entrenched, and now institutionalized bigotry.

“transgender bathrooms”

As opposed to rethinking about why single-occupancy any-sex bathrooms are not the norm.

I am agreeing with @jerwin that the call isn’t a “poll” but are trying to illicit a pre-selected response.

(If I had time, and the wit to come up with a “Jen Psaki” response to the questions utterly breaking the script (suitable for Youtube), that would be glorious.)


Psaki has jabs on the level of an Ali. I like it!


She’s called Alexandria Occasio Cortez. Or Ilhan Omar. Or Rashida Tlaib. Or many others, none of whom get anywhere near the press they deserve. And if they do say those things, they’re castigated by the likes of CNN.


It’s a tricky balance, because the more that the administration reinforces the message “Democrats want you to get vaccinated but Republicans don’t” then the more likely anti-vax Republicans are to double down on resisting vaccination.

We need to find a way to convince those people that vaccination isn’t a left/right thing. Which is of course incredibly difficult when Republican politicians are constantly screaming the opposite.


press 1 for strongly agree, press 2 for partially agree, … press 6 for a snappy comeback to a stupid question.


This makes me smile at how ‘elicit’ and ‘illicit’ sound alike, but using this choice creates a double meaning! Bravo for pointing out how the poll creates an illegitimate outcome.


Agree 100%. But also I like to think that, maybe, we could shift the discussion to what the actual issue is, if any. I mean, if we can shift it to, “why wouldn’t they want these life-saving vaccines to be available to you?” And the answer is, “they aren’t FDA approved,” then the conversation could shift to a more productive discussion of the safety mechanisms in place to ensure emergency-approved vaccines are, in fact safe. And if the answer is, “if the libs are for it, I’m against it,” well, then, no need to waste the time discussing with that person, I guess?


Did they seem to be stacking the questions?


The Corporate version is the ability to act like nothing is wrong while you munch on your own bullshit until it dribbles out past your teeth. In front of everyone.

Or… “press 6 for Al Jaffee”


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