Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert tour DC jail to re-assure their insurrectionist base

Originally published at: Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert tour a DC jail to re-assure their insurrectionist base | Boing Boing


They no doubt have high standards for the cells.


Maybe they were picking out rooms for themselves? It pays to plan ahead.



“Democrats joined the Republican contingent, not to show support but rather to debunk any false claims that would likely arise from unobserved Republican visits.”

Can you imagine being selfless enough to voluntarily spend time with these two for the sake of holding them accountable? I am not that good of a person.



Is it a prison or a jail?


See also practices at Guantanamo Bay.


I think it is a hoosgow.


Did we have to let them out?


But they also get to cut loose on those two without the decorum of Congress

“Hey Lauren, food in this prison is safer than in your restaurant”

“So Madge, picking out your future home?”


Nice reframe. I’ll still decline but I hope those who rose to the challenge read them both for filth during the entire outing!

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Does anyone know the odds they might have some folks in the same family tree?


That’s pretty much the GOP strategy: Spout 24/7 bullshit while Dems spend time trying to reverse the damage.


I do think even the January 6th defendants should get a speedy trial. Process them through, sentence them to 20 to 40 years, throw away the key, done. Then MTG will have nothing to complain about, I’m sure.


Except 17 of the 20 people Marge is calling detainees have been convicted. Three through a trial the rest plead guilty to charges. The remaining 3 have been charged.

In other words, as usual, Marge is lying.


Seems like a pretty effective strategy, too, given Brandolini’s law

“The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than that needed to produce it.”

It attempts to constantly put the Dems on the back foot, endlessly debunking with no time or energy for anything else. When you produce bullshit 24/7…


Brandolini. Purely coincidental (?), the name is similar to Bandini… as in Bandini Mountain, thus adding to the similarity.


She still hasn’t found an apostrophe and oh boy with the rest of it.

From our visit at the DC Jail yesterday, Democrat Oversight Committee Members Jasmine Crockett and Robert Garcia (1st time visitors to the DC Jail) sang the Jails praises.
Shame on them for not knowing the long history of outrage in Washington DC about the DC Jail conditions and treatment OR they didn’t do their homework to know that the DC Jail had inmates/defendants clean, scrub, and paint the week before we got there so conditions would look good for our visit.
They also criticized Republicans for being kind in our questioning of pretrial J6 defendants yet did not raise any issue at all with the Jail that we were not allowed to speak to any of the other defendants/inmates in other areas of the jail. Why not? Don’t they care about them?
I talked to many of them on my last visit and they told me plenty about the jail. Some told me about their education and job opportunities that J6’ers didn’t have, others about learning the legal process from Georgetown law students that J6’ers didn’t get to do, and some screamed and begged for help saying they had been in solitary confinement for “4 months” and that sounded the same as J6’ers only longer for J6’ers.
When I asked about trans (biological males) being in the women’s area, Jasmine asked if the jail provided sanitary supplies. Republicans want to keep trans (biological males) out of women’s prisons/jails but apparently Democrats just want to make sure they have tampons.
Jasmine and Robert didn’t care about J6 defendants complaints of no medical treatment even after the doctor told us all about treatments available and showed medical facilities.
They didn’t care about J6’ers complaints about the courts and judges and how they are being treated like political prisoners.
No, they just praised the jail after our tour.
Either they like jails and approve of the two-tiered justice system or are easily fooled by fresh paint.
I think the Oversight Committee needs to hold a hearing so we can continue to investigate the two-tiered justice system that reigns in Washington DC. - Marge


They have tablets and access to a laptop? This is not how political prisoners are treated anywhere else in the world. This is not how any other prisoners are treated anywhere else in Americas’ jails and prisons.


We don’t pretend to take MTG and BoeBoe at their word. They are liars by nature.