Transgender J6 rioter's plea: will Marjorie Taylor Greene abandon or support her bid to serve 8.5 years in a women's prison?

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Leopard, meet face.


She should serve her time in a women’s prison. But if she expects MTG or Goetz to help her, she is going to be disappointed. Anytime conservative trans people try to appeal to conservative cis people, they always get shot down. I don’t know how any trans person could possibly think these people will ever accept them.



Bingo. EmptyG helping her is about as likely as von Clownstick making good on his promises to pay the legal bills of his rank-and-file insurrectionist followers or to pardon them if he takes power again.


The whole MTG crowd have no compunction against betraying their own if it serves them. Just think of the whole Ray Epps imbroglio. Epps even checks all the boxes of their preferred categories (right down to being an ex-Marine and trump supporter) and they just used him as a scapegoat. …just wish there were even a tiny percentage of the rightwing knuckle-draggers who would wake up and see they can’t trust their ‘leaders’ one whit; but no.


part of her story seems to be the only people who did accept her were the militia folk. if memory serves she got booted from the army(?) and her family when she came out. she didn’t feel like she fit in with progressive lgbtq community - that wasn’t her or her upbringing - so she wound up radicalizing herself instead

it’s like a cult. and i wish our prison system had rehabilitation built in because i think she should have the chance to make new, less harmful choices. ( whether she will of course is anyone’s guess. )


I mean, clearly, she’s an Anitfa plant. You can’t be Trans AND pro Trump/right wing. /s

If you think a leopard is going to help out from drowning in the watering hole, I have some bad news…

She is probably going to be ignored by the right, though maybe some rights org will fight to get her into a women’s prison? I dunno. the system is fucked up even if she does deserve prison time.


My family rejected me when I came out as trans. I found love and acceptance in the LGBTQ community, in leftist communities, and progressive religious communities, in the geek/nerd community, and kink/leather communities. She was already a conservative before she transitioned, would be my guess. I know two such trans people myself, and their ability to continue to embrace conservative views just baffles me.


Which of the two major parties has been generally more supportive of allowing LGBTQ+ people to serve in the armed forces, again?


I grew up in a severely abusive family. I’m not sure where I got the fortitude to move away and stay away as soon as it was legally possible, but I’ve seen others keep returning to the same sort of partner over and over again, even if they do manage to break away from their abuser. That brain washing and indoctrination can run deep. Yes, she absolutely deserves to serve her time in a women’s prison, but I really hope she gets the help she needs to get out of her own pattern of seeking abuse from her social group relationships.


yeah it is hard to understand.

maybe it’s just another kind of example of how trans-ness isn’t ideological. it’s just a fact about one’s body. so anybody can be trans. people who were raised conservative too.

as for why people can’t reject that culture? maybe a bad analogy might be a person who has a pattern of abusive relationships. it’s what they know, and what feels “comfortable” to them, even though it’s harmful and destructive

or maybe it would have been easier for her to find her own kind of trans community if there wasn’t so much hate in her rural roots. which definitely is the whole point of the hate: to keep people hidden and fragmented, toeing the line :confused:


^ yeah all this.

( words are inadequate, but i’m really glad you were able to break away from your family and find your own way to a happy, healthy place. that **** is hard. )


Sooooo many this could apply to. I struggle to understand how there can be Log Cabin Republicans, trans republicans, Black republicans, Hispanic republicans, women republicans, and so on and so on. The only ones who have reason, selfish as it may be, to support them are wealthy, straight, cis, white men. And even there, it would only be because they are unwilling to allow any of the above-named groups to exist on equal footing with them. IOW, because they are assholes. No, at this stage, anyone who claims they don’t know what the fascist party is about is flat out lying.


Remember Caitlyn Jenner’s “disappointment” when Trump enacted those awful anti-trans military policies (despite his own military commanders saying that it was a bad idea)? It was like, what the fuck did you expect? Trump had been spouting anti-trans rhetoric long before he became a candidate.

I agree. Don’t get me wrong, she fully deserves to go to prision. She also deserves the basic human dignity of being able to serve her sentence in a prison that matches her gender. Placing her in a men’s prison seems unnecessarily punitive to me. However, if she expects anybody in power with an “(R)” next to their name to help her, she’s completely delusional.

It would be delicious irony if it ended up being Garland or Biden that stepped in to do something here. I’m not saying she should get a pardon or commutation or anything like that, but I would assume that the executive branch certainly has the power to recommend/reassign her to another prision within the federal system. (And then imagine the irony of R’s stepping in to try to block it despite the constant cries of J6 being a peaceful protest.)

It really depends on what you consider conservative. It is such a meaningless term these days. You can certainly believe in things like small government, reduced regulations, and lower taxes and be LGBTQ+.

These days those who are labeled “conservative” offer little more than “tax breaks for the rich”, turning the horrible act of “people trying to live their lives” into “culture wars”, anti-freedom, anti-education, America first (Russian oligarchs and Saudi princes are cool though), anti-environment, “fuck you got mine”, Christofacism, big spending when they are in power (and no spending when they aren’t), and “oppose anything from Democrats and if that fails take credit for the success”. If you’re that kind of “conservative”, I’ve got a great story to tell you about a scorpion and frog.


Yeah, a trans Republican is really no more of a pathetic self-own than Greene being a Republican herself. Well, maybe slightly more. Republicans want women to be powerless breeding stock, whereas they want to outright exterminate trans people. But in both cases, it’s morons passionately fighting to have their own rights stripped away.


None of them will help her - and she’s a fool to ask their help.

She deserves to be in prison- but 24/7 rape and assault is not the punishment she deserves. And she’ll experience something akin to that. Cruel and unusual punishment.


love the hashtag #j6livesmatter. hey jessica – fuck you.


Yeah, I think it’s just this, and not so surprising really when you think of it.


Oof, this is sad and horrible on multiple levels. But boy, the level of self-delusion involved to think that any of the MAGAts might help her (and not make her life worse now that attention has been drawn) is really something. (But I guess if she was already at the point where she was willing to break the law to help put people in power who want to destroy her…)

Remember when Trump was first running for office, and he made a big deal about how he was going to protect the lgbt (from teh evil Muslims)? It was clearly disingenuous, and he immediately reversed himself, once he was in power and it became clear what his reactionary backers wanted, but I could see how, in that earlier moment, some queer conservatives would be desperate enough to believe him. (I get serious whiplash thinking about how quickly Trump went from his “I’ll protect you lgbt from teh evil Muslims!” to his fellow MAGAts in power overtly saying, “We’ll protect you Muslims from teh evil lgbt!”)


FIFY :smile::+1: