Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Junior that all Capitol rioters were antifa

Originally published at: Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Junior that all Capitol rioters were antifa | Boing Boing


Well, if anyone’s gonna believe her it’s that cokehead.


If the people who invaded the Capitol on January 6 were Antifa then why is she so concerned that the big bad gummint is treating them so badly? Shouldn’t she be happy about them being sent to prison?


Does this mean that Donald Trump is the leader of antifa?


(I don’t know how I replied to @Brainspore, it wasn’t intentional)


I’m so tired of this hateful, idiotic grifter.


The Very same things happened in Brazil last january. A mob stormed several public buildings leaving a trail of destruction. They were communist and as they were arrested, they were patriots that are being abused by a totalitarian dictatorship.


So Ashli Babbitt wasn’t a “patriot” after all, she was antifa. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up, MTG.


As a supporter of Antifa , I can say very clearly (without speaking for Antifa because who can, really, it’s not an organization :P) , lock them up. All the Antifa people I know absolutely refused to be anywhere NEAR washington DC that day because we all knew this was going down, and if we counter protested, somehow the capitol police would shoot the hell out of us. We still remembered Trump’s order to the capitol police that Antifa be arrested and charged with monument vandalism for protesting , an automatic 10 year sentence.

But we know MTG is just full of shit at this point.


Locking up antifascist “sympathizers” would involve most of the population.


In the months/years leading up to January 6th, 2021 right wing “patriots” were espousing and promoting violence as a means to an end.

In the weeks leading up to that day their social media accounts, message boards and blogs were filled with talk of violence.

We all saw Trump and his hangers-on talk about “fighting like hell” and “trial by combat” on the ellipse right before they marched on the capitol.

None of the MAGA faithful who were present that day were remorseful afterwards. In live on-the-scene interviews they were proud, they said “they wish they’d done more.”

And finally, these guys showed up wearing body armor and/or carrying zip-ties, which shows premeditation. Or are we to believe that antifa contacted these guys beforehand and told them to do that?


Wait, so if all the protesters were antifa, then why is Margie supporting the people who were arrested as “political prisoners” and who are “patriots” and wants them released? Is Margie saying she supports antifa?! Lauren Boebert was right! Margie is a RINO in the pockets of the Deep State!




And some had firearms and tazers on them, in addition to the weapon stockpiles they had in vehicles nearby.

They were armed.


Sad that they judge people by the color of their hats, and not their actions. Like, why would antifa want to kill the vice president and install a fascist? Didn’t even cross their minds.


I had this conversation with Mom for months afterwards. Why would we want to fake being Trump supporters, risk getting shot or arrested or charged… trying to stop what we have been wanting to happen the past four years? It makes no sense. Her only response was that people hated Trump that much that they’d’ throw their lives away trying to take him down. I replied, “But Mom, he WAS going down. He lost the presidency. Hearings were coming. Indictments are going to happen. Why would we need to do anything? It’s already going to happen.”


i was watching junior during the whole clip. too bad we could not see how he responded to that cool story by marge, because it was obvious he was not listening, he was looking over her shoulder and only occasionally made eye contact with her when he felt she was looking at him. “vacant and twitchy” was an accurate description.


Which one?


MTG is just a distractor for the right wing/neo-nazi’s/gutless republicans. She runs around with her mouth open babbling lies, conspiracies and common low-grade bullshit. The media masturbates its audience with that “colorful gal from Georgia” who tells it like it isn’t. She’s very useful as the fool she naturally is. I really hate to see or hear that mouth but she’s a fixture of the rights assault on truth and reality. What a waste of breath on our world.


A human (debatable?) I wouldn’t mind never seeing or hearing again.

Of course they say whatever to shrug responsibility, because the central principle of fascism is cowardice. Even all the posturing about strength and violence is just an attempt not to deal with other people on their own terms, out of fear that their “master race” will disintegrate if it is left to coexist.