Marjorie Taylor Greene blames Biden for brothers' fentanyl deaths, but Biden was not in office; Trump was

And that is very useful for traditional tankies. Make the word meaningless and they can claim it means whatever you like, while denying it applies to them. Maybe it’s because the US never had to deal with MLs defending the suppression of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and attacking dissenters on the left, so it never meant anything over there.

I mean, we see people accuse the victims of fascism of being fascists themselves, while the fascists abusers get a slap on the wrist at most. We have trans eliminationists talking about how getting rid of trans people isn’t genocide (that’s denialism, stage 10 of the ten stages of genocide, and the stages are for when they start, not when they end).

Strip us of our language and we can’t express anything other than the status quo. That was the whole point of Newspeak in 1984.