Marjorie Taylor Greene blames the July 4th shootings on a false flag operation

I didn’t know that July was MAGA month. Damn! Didn’t see that on my Google Calendar.

Also, I love how her conspiracy theory points out that there were no shootings at Pride Parades. And yet she doesn’t mention the fact that 31 people were arrested for wanting to cause unrest at a Pride Parade in Idaho.


Because that bubble is trying to persuade them to hate and fear the prospect that the Democratic party will be voted into power, the propaganda is aimed at making them believe that Democrats hate America and everything about it that they like.


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Yeah, how does this conspiracy theory even begin to make sense to anyone? Someone made use of lax gun laws to buy a dangerous weapon that they employed to kill a bunch of people to falsely indicate that… we have lax gun laws that allow people to buy incredibly dangerous weapons? (Which multiple incidents every month already demonstrate?)

But this one was a “false flag”… for some reason.


… more of a three-day weekend?


It appears Marge babbled on for 17 tweets that she never said what she said in the video.

Do these people not know how video works?

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