Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for more guns after Nashville school shooting

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There are something like 6500 people employed by the Secret Service. Even if only one tenth of one percent of those people were directly responsible for protecting the life of the President, that would mean providing school children with comparable protection would mean assigning an average of 6.5 highly trained agents for every single school child in America.

It’s also worth noting that even with all that protection four sitting U.S. Presidents were killed and two others were wounded by “bad guys with guns,” so clearly having lots of “good guys with guns” around isn’t exactly a foolproof strategy. “There’s a 13% chance you’re gonna take at least one bullet before you leave office” is a pretty shitty statistic.


Well, what else is Empty Greene gonna say?


“Moar Gunz!” – the eternal howl of the ammosexual.


Of course she did. It’s not enough to have mass shootings on a daily basis. She’d be happy if was hourly.


It seems like she is trying to sound more crazy everyday.


I believe there’s only 1200 tasked with directly protecting the president. Obviously that’s the problem - it’s not enough, the president needs all 6500 guarding him, and with more guns. I guess that means each student needs 6500 Secret Service agents protecting them, too. Sure, it’s a wildly dumb suggestion, but it’s not like Empty has given it even that much thought.

Yeah, it’s just a mandatory reflexive mouth noise, not actually meaning anything, much less the result of any actual thought. That’s what’s really infuriating - people like Empty can’t even be bothered to contemplate the problem, much less puzzle though possible solutions, they care so little they feel this kind of gibberish is an appropriate response in the circumstances.


How much longer before Republicans admit, without shame, that they’re pro-school shooting? They’ve been embracing how transparently evil their goals are more and more, why stop now?


If having armed protection is so important, perhaps requiring gun owners to post guard at schools on a rotating basis, much like jury duty. ( /s )

More importantly, notice that the gun nuts are all about the …ability, and no lip service to the account…ability and the response…(ability) that goes with ownership. With the large pool of NRA members and their well fed treasury, they should be able to provide liability insurance to their members on a very affordable basis.


I kind of like the comparison to presidential Secret Service. Secret Service requires a very stringent background check, extensive psychological evaluations, repeated safety training, and several months of full time training. That’s a MUCH higher standard than the vast majority of proposed gun control laws, but if that’s what the gun enthusiasts want…

ETA: also, they’re told what guns and ammunition they can carry, they’re not allowed to modify their guns, they’re often told to not carry them openly, and they also undergo extensive training in how NOT to use their firearm, but attempt de-escalation first.


Except how do you know the “good guy” isn’t also the “evil mentally deranged shooter”?

It’s not like they can’t be interchangeable. Someone who has a gun may generally be a “good guy”, but one day he loses his job, then gets into an argument over a parking spot, and suddenly . . . .


Somehow I lost the plot.
Does the assailant who takes their own life count as the “Good Guy with a Gun?”



Fascism is not a mental illness. It’s fascism. MTG is a fascist. Stop making excuses for people who wish to commit acts of genocide agaisnt groups of people they do not like. Just stop. It does not help anyone at all… it just makes people dismiss the problem as serious and it stigmatizes people who actual struggle with their mental health.


Oh, that’s easy. Here you go:

This one is labeled for “terrorists,” but that’s the beauty of it, it works for any “bad guy” the RWNJs wish to identify!


She’s not crazy. She knows what she’s doing.

So… stop. Just stop. You’re not her doctor and are in no position to give her a diagnosis. Until someone who has treated her for mental illness says that’s what she has in public, things will be different.

Calling fascist mentally ill helps no one and nothing. Just don’t do it.


Those behaviors identify her as an asshole. Not as mentally ill. None of those behaviors are symptomatic of any diagnosis and labeling someone as mentally ill for acting like an asshole is damaging to people who are struggling with mental illnesses. And in perhaps more visceral feedback, the forum rules clearly and pointedly prohibit speculating on people’s mental health issues. For your own continued enjoyment of this fine forum, it’s best to steer clear of such things and stick to calling her what she verifiably is. An asshole.


Told You So What GIF by The Democrats


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She is an asshole. She is, by most definitions, a fascist.

Every time you call these people crazy all you do is hurt people with genuine mental health issues.


None of that is “crazy” though… all of that is fascism. We have an explanation and we don’t need to pretend like it’s something else going on here.