Marjorie Taylor Greene inexplicably shares naked photos of Hunter Biden with Congress

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Keepin’ it classy, Margie. :roll_eyes:


It is difficult to overstate the degree to which these people are obsessed with Hunter Biden. If you turn on Fox or OAN or Newsmax or any of the others in the grifter ecosphere, you’re not going to go an hour without having a segment about him.

It’s just…weird? He’s not involved in the government, he’s not the leader or even affiliated with any progressive movements, and he’s not campaigning on his father’s behalf.

No one is really disputing the fact that he’s a troubled man who has and likely continues to make bad decisions, so other than the titillation I’m just not sure who is making any decisions based on revelations regarding his drug use or pictures of his dong.


Still glad I didn’t vote for Hunter.

(/s obviously)

Seriously though, Hunter Biden is a private citizen and whatever sex tapes he may have made is his private business. Can members of Congress just start flashing Pornhub videos during hearings now?


MTG is a real crass act.

It is difficult to overstate the degree to which these people are obsessed with Hunter Biden.

Hunter is the new Hillary and Hunter’s computer is the new Hillary’s emails.


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All part of their view that the function of congress is for supplying video for right-wing media (at tax-payer expense). Which is edited to provide the jerks with “owned them lib-ruls!!” jollies (and subsequent re-election from blood red districts) For the chaos caucus it’s even transcended passing horrible legislation for ‘donations’ from billionaires. ah what-a-world what-a-world


Remember when everyone was just waiting for the Obama “October surprise” or “second term scandal” that never materialized? These people have been starved for a long time and they’ve been “clutching forks and knives“ for years.


lawsuit in 3, 2, 1…


It is deflect from the grifting and outright criminality the Trump spoor and Jared did as representatives of the government. See? Both sides!


For shock value, I guess it sort of worked.

But what was the point she was trying to make? What does this have to do with the accusations against Hunter Biden? Are there new accusations against him that are related to these pictures?

I’m just baffled.


And the woman in the picture, did she sign a release to allow her photo to be broadcast? Also bizarre to see a Trump worshipper suddenly have a problem with someone paying for sex.

ETA: given his “jetset” lifestyle, very unlikely tfg hasn’t paid someone to cross state lines for sex, my guess is a reading of biographies would give me examples of him doing so, but life is too short to spend time doing that.


I’m old enough to remember when these people were obsessed with Billy Carter. Ah, for those sweet, innocent days.


I’ve been reading slasher novels lately (Stephen Graham Jones’ Indian Lake soon-to-be trilogy is so dang good), and I really do wish someone would give us a few decent slasher stories set in GOP congressional offices or CPAC rallies or whatnot.


“We finally have the evidence we needed to prove that. . . Hunter Biden was once naked!”


Clap her worthless ass in irons.

D.C. Code § 22-3053. Finally, a third party who comes into possession of the sexual image and who “publishes” it (i.e., shares it with 6 or more people) can be charged with Second Degree Unlawful Publication of a Sexual Image. This is a misdemeanor offense punishable by up to 180 days in jail and/or a fine of $1,000.


I heard he’s naked under his clothes - right now!


Uh, I’m pretty sure that’s actually a crime, possibly several. (Lock her up!) We’ve got anti-“revenge porn” laws, hostile workplace laws (these images aren’t actually relevant to the work being done there, even if they’re key to MTG’s “job” of getting more attention), etc. She’s drawing attention to non-crimes by committing real crimes. (A new low for EmptyGee!)

“Look at me, look at me, I’m a culture warrior! Pay no attention to Trump’s crimes. Give me money!” is the point MTG was trying to make, as usual. She really isn’t any deeper than that and her every appearance in congressional hearings functions exactly the same way.


(Found the skit where Gary Busey played Billy Carter. Starts at ~9min mark. Warning: it’s really terrible acting even by the standards of SNL back then)


I hope so–this should be pursued. This is just abuse. There needs to be consequences or this will be done again. Smart phones have been in our lives for years now. Younger people entering politics will have more of these types of private photos. If this is not challenged, they will use similar tactics directly against their opposition given the opportunity.