Marjorie Taylor Greene refuses to credit her MAGA pals for last week's Speaker deal (video)

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… for the sake of distracting the public from the anniversary of Jan 06.

The whole gang was there.




Gee…MTG should probably coordinate her lies with the rest of the GOP before going rogue like this. Pete Sessions was interviewed just yesterday and attributed the chaos during the Speaker vote to the fact that it took so long to settle all of the Congressional races that they didn’t have much time to plan ahead.

SESSIONS: I think it’s interesting for people to know that what they watched was a - what I call sausage being made in public. I think we remember back after the Election Day and the week after, we did not know the number or the majority for about three weeks.

KELLY: You’re talking about last November elections and you weren’t sure - we were waiting for…

SESSIONS: We did not know how big or who really was in the majority. So things were delayed in terms of decision-making. So what happened is, is that once that was all determined and established and we turned the corner, the negotiations really began. They began on speakership. They began on the rules package. And we also learned a good bit of information about which committees people won beyond - that are decision-making committees. And so all these things then became points of discussion, points that then Mr. McCarthy had to deal with.


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Now no one will let her sit at their table in the cafeteria.


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My mind always goes to “Toilet Paper USA!” when I see that URL. Probably sees a fair number of behinds either way.

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