Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to end the separation of church and state

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant!” is the inevitable response, but I thought it was supposed to be fairly clear at this point that she is just flapping her gums for attention and barely has any concept of the implications of most of the things she says…? If the idea is to discredit her by bringing her nonsense to the forefront, has she not said much sillier things already?

I’d consider it to be collecting evidence. It doesn’t have to be her greatest crime, remember what Al Capone was found guilty of.


MAGA theology: Wealth and power are a measure of righteousness. The paths to salvation are to be wealthy, powerful or to serve the wealthy and powerful. Poverty is a sign of laziness. Helping the poor merely reinforces this laziness.


Well yes. Much more difficult to deny government involvement when the act was done on government property.


That’s a great resource! Somewhere I read that a couple of the major framers (maybe Madison and Franklin, but I forget) were probably what we would call agnostic or atheist today, but in those days you just didn’t say things like that. It was too taboo not to be some form of Christian. However when you read their letters and such, it’s pretty clear they aren’t really believers in anything supernatural. Sort of like what we would call a “cultural Jewish person” today. There for the rituals, the food, and the community, but not really believing.

This situation persists today. Surveys about religion always overstate the dominance of Christianity, because when relying on self-reporting, lots of people will say “Christian” as a sort of default. I used to when I was young, but I can count on one hand the times my family ever set foot in a church and we didn’t even own a Bible. I read it later as an adult to see what all the fuss was about. If you look for evidence of actual belief, rates are much much lower. Lots of people call themselves “Christian” but only attend Christmas Mass because it’s pretty or maybe go to church sometimes to hang out with friends and sing, but don’t really believe it all.


There’s something simultaneously creepy and revelatory about defining sovereignty in terms of the power to decide “who lives and who dies.”


that is true stephen colbert GIF by Obama

The latest episode of The Serpent Queen comes to mind. Yikes.


Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to end the separation of church and state

I want to BEGIN the separation of Marjorie Taylor Greene and state.


But the precious Abraham accords!?! And Jared’s building!?! What a human life compared to that! /s


So they don’t consider the 1st amendment as the Constitution, huh?

Clearly, what they say they do is clearly not what they do. Just a bunch of double-talkers.


people often long for relative power as much as they long for absolute power. big fish in the pond, vs the ocean kind of thing.

what really seems to gall her ( and the gop in general ) is the success of non-straight non-cis non-white people. as long someone “othered” is guaranteed to do worse, that’s probably enough for her

i think they’re probably looking forward to that fight. to paraphrase: the chaos is the point. and for fascism i suspect the best wars are never ending


ISTR reading that Trump’s support was greatest among those that identified themselves as “Christian” but did not attend church regularly.


That is one of my favorite MST3K lines!

I propose that marj be immediately packed off to a nunnery where there is strict obedience and absolute silence.

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