Marjorie Taylor Greene's praise for Biden is now a campaign ad approved by the president himself (video)

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Biden is pretty good at taking GOP wingnut narratives and turning them on their head.

He did that when he narc’ed himself on government documents he failed to give back (which apparently the government forgot about). Also with his son pleading to 2 misdemeanors.


Still awaiting a DNC PAC proper video compendium of various notorious republicans saying extremely negative things about the orange tumor. (particularly those statements immediately following Jan6 prior to their spinal re-melts) Extra-credit if it would be set to something like the Barber of Seville or Master of the House. final text being something like: Even spineless republicans can’t stand him


This is the kind of counter-tr0lling I’d love to see more of from the establishment Dems. Biden has always been very good at it, so they should take it as a prompt to do more. It’s not like the Know-Nothings don’t give them plenty of own-goal material to work with.


I saw the original clip before people were glomming onto it and thought, “Uh, this doesn’t sound like a bad thing?”

I guess MAGA crowd thinks putting America First with spending and infrastructure is some how Communism. :confused:


:eagle: If it’s not holding a gun or beating a cop with a flagpole, it’s Comn’st. :eagle:

^^^ Those are Comn’st eagles.


I thought it was the Imperialists who used eagles?


What is the republican talking point for how all of those things are bad?

Like, how do they sell education, medical care and poverty alleviation as a bad thing?


Yup; We’ll have to rely on the Lincoln Project, Midas Touch, and other such groups until them.


I’m not relying on the Lincoln Project for shit. I don’t trust that group at all. I think they may try to Trojan Horse their way into the Democratic Party and turn it into the new “reasonable” Conservative Party (I realize one could make the argument that that’s what the Democratic Party already is, but it’s not really the same thing).


Anything that means government helping people is Communism, un-American, the nanny state, federal overreach, undermining freedom, violating states’ rights, interfering with the free market, etc. etc. Unless it’s something popular like Medicare, in which case they pretend that it has nothing to do with government (“Get your hands off my Medicare!”).


Or unless it only goes to “deserving” citizens, who happen to be other white conservatives like themselves.

We once had an obnoxious and not-so-ffabulous German regular here who liked bragging about how much better his country’s social safety net was than America’s. You might have assumed he was a leftist, until he also started letting us know he believed only German citizens of pure lineage should be able to enjoy its benefits.

He stopped his insufferable commenting and disappered about the same time as the German authorities began a crackdown on far-right and Identitarian organisations. Co-incidence, amirite?

I think we all know they’re a bunch of neoCons who were perfectly happy with the Cheney Regency and Prince Bush and who still hold contempt for “the reality-based community”. The point is that, in the absence of the Dems doing more ads against the MAGAts like this one we’re stuck with them.

Also, they seem to be more interested on building a pseudo-centrist but really conservative spoiler third party like “No Labels” than they are changing the Democratic Party itself.


I agree on the Lincoln Project, but if you look into the histories of some of the people behind No Labels, I’m concerned that their goal is the destruction of the Democratic Party establishment. Now, if they were progressives, I might be persuaded, but they aren’t. Specifically, its CEO and co-founder is Nancy Jacobson. Her husband, Mark Penn, ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign for awhile in 2008. He was fired and blamed for a lot of things that went wrong in that campaign and has had it in for the Democratic Party ever since. He even provided campaign advice to Trump in 2020.


Mark Penn … that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. A complete incompetent. Not that he isn’t dangerous and destructive too. I’m sure his wife is no better. I suspect their failure against a Black rival in 2008 still galls them and, as you suggest, they’re out for revenge.

No Labels is a billionaire-funded spoiler party. The most prominent Dem affiliated with it is Joe Manchin, which tells you all you need to know about it. I’m sure TLP or Republicans for Accountability also have people involved in it. All those achievements touted in the ad are things everyone in No Labels abhors, whether they’re Third Way Dems or neoCon/moneyCon Republicans.


Just my opinion, but I would want to distance myself from any “positive” thing that person would say about me.

Example, take any really evil character that comes to your head… would you want that person saying nice things about you? Even though lots of people really think that person is an evil liar?

Harlan Crow has also given money to No Labels.


I think it’s more about showing what their goals are, that they reject any sort of help for the majority of Americans.



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They don’t want us well-educated. They want us to go bankrupt tryinta pay medical bills. THEY WANT US TO BE POOR.