Mark Hamill mocks Trump and his "OFFICAL" merch

That eagle design especially, it’s very much in



I believe that theDevil_LLC was referring to the right’s response to kneeling, not to the kneeling itself…

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Did you read the post?

re: Eagles

I dunno. Eagles are part of the American symbolism. I used to love it when my Ranger Ricks came in and they did an eagle issue. It is all over our money, the presidential seal, etc, And then literally most of Europe have used eagles in their flags, crests, money, etc throughout the centuries. And, of course, they are have deep spiritual, ritual, and symbolic history in many Native cultures.

So yeah, the Nazis used it, but to be honest that doesn’t look really like anything the Nazis did. Wings outstretched, maybe, but it doesn’t have the same aesthetics at all.

So who knows. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes it is a secret wink. But given how intertwined it is in American symbolism, it certainly lends plausible deniability. YMMV.


“For my own part I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country,” he wrote. The Founding Father argued that the eagle was “a bird of bad moral character” that “does not get his living honestly” because it steals food from the fishing hawk and is “too lazy to fish for himself.”

Tl; dr…he actually proposed Moses.


Moses isn’t even a bird!


Maybe not, but still a good representative for freedom and independence…and aimless wandering?


My favorite factoid about American eagle symbology is that every single American has been lied to their entire lives regarding what eagles sound like. The majestic screeching caw that you hear universally in every single media portrayal of an eagle is… a red tailed hawk. The sound eagles make is not majestic or dramatic at all.

Always good to remember that inspirational constructs created by countries, institutions, etc, are fictions at the end of the day. What matters is what people do, not what they say they are about.


Checks out.


Just for folks’ FYI…


It is the darn Hollywood Foley artists!

Silencers doing make a “ptew ptew” sound. Eagles don’t make the majestic screech.

Red tailed hawks are pretty common around here and I have heard the hawk screech a handful of times in the wild.

The one time they SHOULD have swapped out the sounds they didn’t! I was re-watching The Crow a few years ago, when I realized, “That isn’t a crow sound.” and I looked it up and they used a raven in the movie. Which, as I understand it, are more trainable. Fine. But they left in its gravel-like growl instead of a using a crow’s caw.


yeah, that one seemed to go over some heads.

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Saw steppes eagle crossed with something I can’t remember(another eagle), and it made the squeaky toy in the mouth of a hyperactive puppy noise too.

Yep, was riffing on that observation further.

Not just that the eagle is straight-up Nazi, but that it’s tipped over into the skulls-and-lightning-bolts end of the Nazi imagery spectrum.

I love how most raptors look like they’re wearing little pantaloons :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We have a nesting pair nearby on a little island in the river and it’s always a delight to see them, but we definitely could’ve picked a more apt national symbol. The recent past would indicate a cuckoo bird might be appropriate.


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Oh the coo-coo is a pretty bird
She warbles when she flies
She never hollers coo-coo
'Til the fourth day of July

I was thinking about the part where they push other birds’ eggs out of their nests and lay their own eggs in their place, then when the cuckoos hatch they generally push any of the “original” nestlings that made it that far out of the nests to their death. I was feeling very skeptical about our track record, clearly.


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